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Welcome to The Affiliate Resource website!

The Affiliate Resource is a site dedicated to providing information on resources, strategies and guidance for new and seasoned affiliates alike to help and provide sound information intended to provide training, resources and strategies necessary for making a great income
online. There is a wave of misinformation on the internet regarding how
to become a successful affiliate, and it is our intent to help establish
a sound path and foundation to affiliate marketing success.


I started my marketing journey back in 2007 with a traditional MLM
company selling diet and supplement products. The team I was on was
getting into lead generation through the internet, but most of the leads
were distributed by expensive television ads. We were encouraged to
purchase these leads in quantities of about 120 per month. To say the
least, they were not cheap. My wife and I did enroll several people into
our business, however, we ended up spending more money than we actually

We then moved on to more internet based MLM companies and we did OK.
Nothing spectacular, but at least generating a small profit. I learned
to generate leads without spending a lot of money so we ended up with a
small profit. Nothing to brag about, but at least we were not in the
hole. lol…

Then in 2009, I was laid off from an 18-year career I had in the
Chemical manufacturing industry. At that time, it was very difficult to
find work, especially since I was overqualified for most of the
positions I was applying for. So, I had to learn how to earn income from
home in a more serious way. I then met a marketer online who was
selling a lead generation website and I knew a programmer who might have
been interested in purchasing it, and he did. I earned a fairly large
commission off of the sale of the site and my programmer friend made me
the administrator of the site. The site had a mailing list associated
with it that had about 10,000 members, so it was a lot of work.

It was about that time, that I discovered that the best way to earn
an income online was to create my own website and learn how to drive
traffic to that website through content marketing. My programmer friend
encouraged me to learn how to build a website and start generating
content, because he understood the power of “organic traffic”. So, I
learned that it was extremely easy to build a website using the
WordPress platform and now I build niche websites and earn profits
through affiliate marketing.


Through my journey online, I met many bumps in the road. I spend huge
amounts of money on silly things such as prospecting leads as well as
internet marketing tools that accumulated on my hard drive. I purchased
just about every type of money making product you can think of. Some of
them I have justified in the name of learning, others were simply a
waste of time and money.

I have jointed many programs, and even quit and rejoined the same
programs on occasion. Pretty silly right? I have purchased a few
different types of list building tools including auto-responders,
landing page creators, and other tools that I never really profited
from. It wasn’t until I discovered niche affiliate marketing that I
realized how easy it was to earn an income online. Not only that, but I
didn’t need to buy all of these fancy tools to succeed.

So, the reason I want to help people with affiliate marketing is
because I don’t want people to have to waste time, money and motivation
when they don’t have to. There is an easier way. If I can do it, anyone

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As I mentioned before, there is a wave of misinformation on the
internet regarding how to become a successful affiliate. That being
said, it is our goal to help you establish a sound path and foundation
to earning affiliate commissions online.

We are dedicated to providing valuable information on the proper
strategies, guidance and resources to ensure that any new, or even
experienced marketer reach their affiliate marketing goals and to make
great income online. Our experience has been that many marketers over
complicate the whole process and that is simply not necessary. The
strategies we teach are sound, not the type that are here today and gone

The idea is to build a solid foundation to your business. Something that will stand the test of time.

If you ever need a hand or have have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ralph Martin