Freedom Mentor Review – Is This Mentoring Program Worth it?

If you have ever done a search on real estate investing, you most certainly have run across Freedom Mentor. It is a very well-known program that is designed to teach, or mentor someone in the Real Estate investment marketplace. In this Freedom Mentor Review, I would like to explore in detail this real estate mentoring program so that we can determine if it is the right fit for you and your income goals. We will also answer the question whether this mentoring program is worth it.

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and it is always a good idea to do your research on any given program that has any sort of income claims associated with them. As you may know, there are also many great opportunities online that can help you reach your income goals, whether that is a side income or a full time income. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Freedom Mentor Review Summary

Name: Freedom MentorFreedom Mentor Review - logo


Price: $3,000 One-Time Cost then $197 Monthly

Founder: Phil Pustejovsky

Products and Services: 80 out of 100

Training: 80 out of 100

Support: 80 out of 100

Cost Value: 20 out of 100

Overall Rank: 65 out of 100

What is Freedom Mentor?

Freedom Mentor Review - Website


So, what is Freedom Mentor you ask? Well it is a mentoring program designed to help you get into the world of real estate. It was founded by Phil Pustejovsky and is also the name of Phil’s complete real estate educational business model. It contains a combination of a free real estate educational platform as well as a paid real estate educational platform.

Phil Pustejovsky is an author, real estate investor and, of course, founder of Freedom Mentor. Freedom Mentor started gaining real popularity through an extremely popular YouTube channel under the name of Phil Pustejovsky and begs the question as to his marketing methods and techniques. Some have asked, if he makes so much money as a real estate investor, why does he spend so much time and effort promoting his YouTube channel and his training courses. Some say, if you really want to make it in the real estate market, you would be better off with a local real estate expert to work with.

How Does Freedom Mentor Work?

As mentioned above, Freedom Mentor has a free training platform and a paid training platform. But, what do you get with each of these training s. The first thing you see offered on the Freedom Mentor website is a free book entitled “How to by a real estate investor”. It is authored by Phil, of course, and what they want in return for the book is your email address so they can add you to their mailing list. The book itself has a good rating on Amazon of 4.4 out of 5 based on over 550 reviews.

Some do claim that the book does not go into too much detail and does seem like a long sales letter to join his mentor ship program, or to at least take a look further into it. Which means you will most likely get a call from a member of their staff.


Below is the welcome video you get access to when you access their website:

They also offer a free course from their website which includes the following:

  • Getting Started
  • Buying Real Estate without Cash or CreditA
  • Step by Step Creative Real Estate Investing Formula
  • Flipping Houses Wisdom (What you Won’t See on TV)
  • Planning Your Future in Real Estate
  • What You Need to Know Before You Start Investing

This is a lot of material to offer for free. Most of the reviews on the free material are positive and the materials seems to offer a lot of value. Especially considering that it’s free.

Let’s now discuss the training within Freedom Mentor that you have to pay for. This is what most people want to know more about. It was very difficult getting information regarding price on these programs and required a lot of research. From what I could gather, there are two main paid options:

  • A Pre-apprentice program. Cost is $997
  • A Mentorship program. Cost is $3000 and then $197 a month recurring fee.

In addition to the above costs, there is, what is known as a 50/50 split between you and the company. In other words, they take half of the profits that are generated until you reach a total of 500K in profits. Later, you may find that the threshold gets lowered to 100K.

So, what do you actually get with paid programs?

  • A Real Estate Supercourse with 10 chapters
  • A weekly step by step blueprint
  • Quick start video and audio training
  • A full list of funding sources
  • document template library
  • A “million-dollar-Rolodex”
  • A knowledge center
  • Automation software known as the ePartner
  • Buyer and seller websites
  • A database of lenders
  • 30 days of coaching with Phil
  • 2 conference calls a week with other apprentices
  • daily communication with coaching staff
  • 3 formal calls per month with coaching staff.

Freedom Mentor Reviews to Consider

With any product or program I like to see actual reviews from people who have tried the product or service. I have gathered some Freedom Mentor Reviews for you to consider before joining this program. I know it is a lot of money to invest and would be a good idea to get feedback that is valuable for one to consider.

I did a lot of research on these reviews and found a mixed bag. I would have to say it really is about 50/50 when it comes to negative verses positive reviews. I think it has a lot to do with whether the cost of the program gives you enough value and whether the 50/50 split is really worth it. From what I have read, many people feel that if you partner with someone who is local or find a good supporting website within the industry, you can get a lot of value for free. So, it really depends on who you are, or are not, connected with in the industry itself.

I believe that if you are a good networker and you can get involved with a website like and seek help that way, you may be better of learning methods that work from people in the field if they are willing to help you out. You may even be able to share your profits at a lower than 50/50 split with them if they agree to it. Just a thought.

Freedom Mentor Review - ReviewsFreedom Mentor Review - Reviews

Who is Freedom Mentor For?

freedom Mentor is for the individual who is interested in learning more about Real Estate investing and earning extra income in Real Estate. Specifically for the individual who is looking for someone to mentor them or guide them through the process of earning a full time income from Real Estate. It is not for the person looking for just free information. They should be willing to spend money in order to develop the skill necessary to succeed in this particular niche.

If you are simply looking for ways to make extra income online, there are many other possibilities that are not quite as expensive as Freedom Mentor’s program is. Affiliate marketing may be a better option for those of you who have a tight budget but want to learn a good skill in the world of internet marketing or setting up an online asset.

Is Freedom Mentor a Scam?

Based on the reviews I have found on Freedom Mentor and the research performed, I do not believe Freedom Mentor is a scam. By definition a scam is a program that does not offer any value and takes your money in exchange for very little value. Or, it is a program that it’s a only way of producing money is through recruiting and does not have an actual product. Freedom Mentor does not fall into any of these two situations. The only question is whether the value of the training is worth the amount you are paying upfront and monthly.

The other question that comes to mind is, whether the 50/50 split is worth it or not. Can you find help in selling real estate through other means, such as networking or belonging to a community like BiggerPockets. When I looked into the Bigger Pockets website and looked at their discussion, it seems like a good place for people who want to learn about making money in Real Estate. I would highly recommend looking into joining this network before spending a lot of money in any mentoring program like Freedom Mentor.

Pros and Cons

With any product or service there are always pros and cons associated with them. Freedom Mentors is certainly not an exception. Below are the pros and cons of this program determined by our extensive research and Freedom Mentor Reviews that we had access to. If you have had any experience with Freedom Mentor please leave a comment below and let us know about your experiences. We would love to hear from you.


  • The free training seems to have a huge amount of value without a cost associated with it.
  • The founder has a lot of credibility behind him
  • The program is quite popular and the YouTube channel is extremely popular
  • There are quite a few positive reviews.


  • Very expensive
  • the 50/50 split is not that popular and some feel is not worth it.

Final Thoughts

During our Freedom Mentor Review, we found that the program really has mixed views whether the program has enough value to justify its high price tag. Many people felt that you can get help from other sources for far less and that through various ways of networking you can get just as much, if not more, value. There are various forums and communities available within the Real Estate niche that do offer value and we would recommend looking into those sources before spending a lot of money for any type of mentoring program.

In addition to these forums, we also recommend that you look into other ways to earn extra income, especially from the internet. We highly recommend affiliate marketing as a viable way to earn great income. If you follow our four simple step formula, you will learn how to earn income from selling other company’s products and services. Companies like Amazon or Walmart have affiliate programs that let you capitalize on their massive product line.

Freedom Mentor


Product Quality






Cost Value



  • High Value Free Training
  • Founder Has High Credibility
  • Popular Program
  • Positive Reviews


  • Over priced
  • 50/50 Split

10 thoughts on “Freedom Mentor Review – Is This Mentoring Program Worth it?”

  1. Hmm, this is an interesting mixed review where the content looks pretty good, but the cost isn’t justified and makes this less of a good value. It would be great to get that free training though. In my experience, I’ve noticed that a lot of times the best content is what is given out for free. I am not going down this real estate path at the moment, but I plan to pass this along to my friends who are starting that journey. Thanks so much!

    • You are welcome Aly, and thanks for sharing. I agree, many times the free training gives as much value as some of the paid training out there.

  2. I have not come across Freedom Mentor before, so found this review to be very helpful as I have been looking at investing in property. At a cost of $3,000, it is very expensive, and far above my budget. And then add to that the monthly fee and this is a program that one needs lots of money to join. 

    Would this only be applicable to real estate investing, or could it be used for other types of investment as well? 

    • Hi Line, thanks for stopping by me Freedom Mentor Review. Yes, the program does cost quite a bit. To answer your question, this program is directly strictly to real estate investing. It is not really applicable to other types of investments. 

  3. Hi, I’m pleased to meet you. I’m very happy to have read the review of Freedom Mentor you provided which seems great and interesting. Even though this Freedom Mentor is this expensive, it’s good to see that the free training seems to have a huge amount of value without a cost associated with it, and that the founder has a lot of credibility behind him. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing your review of Freedom Mentor with us.

    There certainly is s massive commitment to be made here, definitely not one to be entered into lightly.

    The costs involved are steep, so it will only be people who have plenty of capital behind them that will be able to participate.

    The 50/50 split would certainly not sit well with me.  If I pay for the course, then I have paid for the learning, so I do not see why half of all my profits should be handed over.  And that is until I have made $half million in profits.  That’s $250k I’d be giving away.  I may never make that much!

    Certainly not one for me!

    • Hi Geoff, yes, I certainly agree, a massive commitment for sure and the 50/50 split also did not sit will with me. I guess if earning an income specifically through Real Estate was someone’s goal, then this program could have some value. But, for those of us that are looking to earn extra income or be in our own business, there are certainly better options available. 

  5. I have always felt attracted to the real estate market. Many wealthy people seem to invest in real estate. But recently I have been reading that these wealthy people generally didn’t build their wealth with real estate. It’s just a way for them to store their wealth.

    I also felt that Freedom Mentor could be a good platform to invest in. But reading what I have said above and also seeing how expensive this platform is, has discouraged me.

    • Hi Abel, thanks for visiting my Freedom Mentor Review. Yes, Real Estate does have that appeal and there are plenty of people who make a killing with it. And, you are right, many of those people were wealthy before they got into the real estate niche. I am also sure that many of them acquired their wealth through affiliate marketing. 


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