What Is Easy 1 Up – Legit or Run Away?

So, before we can determine legitimacy or not, we need to ask, what is Easy 1 Up?

Easy 1 Up is a matrix type of multilevel marketing program owned by Peter Wolfing, who has been in the industry for a number of years now. He runs this program under the umbrella of a company known as Multiplex Systems Inc. Which is also the main company behind another company that Peter runs known as National Wealth Center,

Peter Wolfing has also been involved with other similar company’s which no longer exist known as The ultimate Cycler, Turbo Cycler, business toolbox and a more well-known program known as Infinity Downline. It was Infinity Downline that was the precursor to his only other existing business, National Wealth Center.

It would require a lot of research to understand what happened to all the other company’s that Peter has been involved with, for Easy 1 up and National Wealth Center are currently the only two that still exists today. I suspect it has something to do with avoiding investigations from the SEC (Security Echange Commission) or FTC (Federal Trade Commission). These bodies tend not to like matrix program that much because their pay structures are very similar to other company’s that have been shut down for being considered Ponzi schemes.

That being said, I am not saying that Easy 1 up is a Ponzi scheme, it is just that its pay structure is susceptible to investigations of this nature.

With the recent investigations concerning company’s like Aspire, AKA Digital Altitude, and a variety of Crypto Currency company’s, the SEC tends to pinpoint company’s that have these matrix type of pay plans. Especially when it is vague as to what the product actually is.

Overall Rankings

Name: Easy 1 Up

Website: easy1up.com

Price: Varies from $25 to $2000 depending on the product level

Owner: Peter Wolfing

Products and/or Services: 3.5 Out of 5.0

Support: 4.0 Out of 5.0

Training: 2.5 Out of 5.0

Overall Rank: 3.3 Out of 5.0

Easy 1 Up, Product And Opportunity Overview

In order to learn about the overview of the Easy 1 Up opportunity you can simply view the advertisement video below keeping in mind it is meant to persuade you to sign up. But, it does give you a good overview of the product and opportunity overview.

Easy 1 Up is essentially a program that teaches potential internet marketers “how to 1up their competition by continuing to learn and develop new strategies”. The company attempts to do this by offering five different courses that offer hours of training intended to keep the internet and/or network marketer up to date on the latest trends in the market.
These courses scale from a beginners course, known as Elevation basic ($25) to a very advanced course known as Vertex Live ($2000) with other courses in between. When you purchase these courses you get access to the ability to resell them and receive commissions sent directly to you in addition to an admin fee, which goes directly to the company, Multiplex Systems, Inc.

By checking out the image below, you can see how the cost of each program works in addition to the admin fees that goes directly to the company.

I will cover the details of the products in another section below, for this is a general overview. I would like to describe how the pay plan works since that is what most people who join are actually interested in. You will discover, very few people join this program to actually learn anything about internet or affiliate marketing. It really is more of an exercise to have a product to sell.

Easy 1 Up Compensation Plan

This Easy 1Up Compensation structure is a reverse 1 up plan, hence, the name.

When a person joins Easy 1 up, the have to purchase at least one of the products, which is paid directly to the affiliate who they joined under. They also pay an admin fee, which then goes directly to the company.

Payment is made via Solid Pay Trust, Bitcoin, a merchant account, Western Union or PayPal.

The payment structure is really similar to a gifting program, but not too similar, because gifting programs are illegal.

The compensation plan is quite simple as described in the video above.The reverse 1 up plan is fairly simple to understand as well. Essentially you receive 100% commission on the first product that you are qualified to resell. On your second sale you have to pass that one up to your sponsor. This qualifies you to start earning on each sale going forward.
In turn, your team members their first sale to you.
The pay plan is similar to a gifting program in that it is a member to member payment structure. Meaning that the payments are sent directly to you via a payment processor. While the admin fee goes directly to the company.
I want to point out that the admin fee increases relative to the cost of the product as follows:

  • Elevation – cost is $25, admin fee is $5
  • Elevation Elite – cost is $100, admin fee is $10
  • Vertex – cost is $250, admin fee is $25
  • Vertex Elite – cost is $500, admin fee is $50
  • Vertex Pro – cost is $1000, admin fee is $100
  • Vertex Live – cost is $2000, admin fee is $500

I would also like to point out the when you purchase the product to qualify as a re seller, you also pay the admin fee in addition to the price of the product.


Pros and Cons

In this section I would like to discuss the pros and cons of the Easy 1 up program.


Pro 1:
There is no monthly fee associated with the products. They are one-time costs to the affiliate.
Pro 2:
The owner of the program is fairly well-known and recognized in the industry and is able to be contacted.
Pro 3:
Due to the success of National Wealth Center, it can be assumed that the Easy 1 up program will stay around for a while, since they are owned by the same company.

Con 1:
The admin fees are fairly substantial and it is unclear as to what value they actually provide. Plus you are encouraged to constantly purchase more products, tools and training.
Con 2:
It doesn’t appear as if the value of the product line justifies the costs associated. Especially the higher priced products. They seemed to be priced simply to provide higher commissions for the affiliates.
Con 3:
No Opportunity for recurring commissions. These are one time sales only.

Easy 1 Up, Products

In this section I would like to discuss the actual products offered by Easy 1 up. In general, they are intended to offer internet marketers a business education and are tiered is such a way as to make it possible for the affiliates to earn higher commissions. This is the emphasis of the product line itself. Not necessary to provide a solid business education, but to provide higher commission levels for the affiliates and perhaps higher admin fees for the company.
So let’s start with the lowest cost product known as:


The cost of the product is $25 plus and admin fee of $5. By reselling this product through your affiliate link, you have the potential to earn $25 on your first sale, give up your second sale to your sponsor and earn $25 on each sale after. By studying the image below you can see what the product offers:

Elevation Elite

The cost of the product is $100 plus and admin fee of $10. By reselling this product through your affiliate link, you have the potential to earn $100 on your first sale, give up your second sale to your sponsor and earn $100 on each sale after. The Elevation Elite really seems to focus on advertising methods using YouTube. By studying the image below you can see what the product offers:




The cost of the product is $250 plus and admin fee of $25. By reselling this product through your affiliate link, you have the potential to earn $250 on your first sale, give up your second sale to your sponsor and earn $250 on each sale after. By studying the image below you can see what the product offers:


Vertex Elite

The cost of the product is $500 plus and admin fee of $50. By reselling this product through your affiliate link, you have the potential to earn $500 on your first sale, give up your second sale to your sponsor and earn $500 on each sale after. By studying the image below you can see what the product offers:

Vertex Pro “Connect”

The cost of the product is $1000 plus and admin fee of $100. By reselling this product through your affiliate link, you have the potential to earn $1000 on your first sale, give up your second sale to your sponsor and earn $1000 on each sale after. By studying the image below you can see what the product offers:

Vertex Live

The cost of the product is $2000 plus and admin fee of $500. By reselling this product through your affiliate link, you have the potential to earn $2000 on your first sale, give up your second sale to your sponsor and earn $2000 on each sale after.

Vertex Live is a fairly new product, so the company does not have a lot of details about it on their website. In fact, I only know about it because I have purchased the lower level product and received the information via email from the owner of the company. The product is supposed to be a continuous live training offered by the owner, who has a tremendous amount of knowledge, mainly about Network Marketing, not necessarily affiliate marketing.
In fact, Peter Wolfing is the author of a book I read called “The Black Book of MLM Black Secrets, 101 Ways To Build Your Business. I have to say, the book doesn’t contain what I would consider secrets. They were pretty standard methods, such as posting on Facebook, using drop cards and the use of offline and online job boards. These, of course, are just examples, but nothing you couldn’t find yourself on a simple Google search.

Easy 1 Up Tools & Training

This is the area I believe that Easy 1 up totally falls short in. Since the company relies on the products themselves to be the training, they don’t really offer much more than the products themselves. And, of course, you don’t get the training unless you purchase the product, which means you will be told to purchase the more expensive packages to “really” get the support and training you need to succeed. You can certainly get much better training for far less. In fact, by #1 recommendation for awesome training can be found at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

The experience I have encountered with Easy 1 up is that I was constantly encouraged to spend more money. They claim you can start at the beginning level to succeed prior to joining. But, once you join, you will constantly be told to upgrade to the higher levels. In fact, I was told by the team leader I was associated with, that his support was mainly focused on the members that were at least at the level of Vertex Elite.

This included training from the so called “exclusive Facebook group”. You were pretty much ignored from the group if you were only an Elevation member. To me, this just isn’t right. You can definitely receive better training elsewhere at a much lower price than what you will find at Easy 1 Up. This is what I encountered anyways.

As far as tools go, this was another huge disappointment for me. While the company provides you with a standard capture page, you are told if you really want to succeed and stand out amongst all the competition, you will have to purchase another funnel system. Yes, Easy 1 Up uses the funnel first method of email marketing.

The funnel system is know as the Vertex Lead System. What is the cost of such a system? $98

Yes, you got that right, another $98 on top of all the other products you are encouraged to purchase. You can see where this starts to get out of hand. Especially for a product that doesn’t offer recurring commissions.

My Final Opinion of Easy 1 Up

So, my final conclusion of the products and opportunity offered by Easy 1 Up is that, overall, it is undervalued. The products are overpriced for what you get and the compensation plan borders on a Ponzi type of structure that has the potential of being investigated by the SEC or other agencies. This could be the reason why many of the other programs that were under Multiplex Systems, Inc are not longer with us. It is possible they were taken down to avoid such investigations, for they had similar pay structures.
I don’t know this for sure, it is simply a supposition. I think as of today, it is a legitimate program, but one never knows what will happen to it in the future. When I saw what happened with Digital Altitude, not so long ago, it makes me realize the risks associated with these types of programs. One thing I notice is they have some things in common. The pay structure and the fact that they encourage you to continually upgrade.
That being said, I think that Easy 1 Up is right at the border line of being a scam and/or being legit. It is owned by a legitimate owner who is fairly transparent. But, I do believe the company itself is at risk of being investigated for its pay structure and gifting type of system.

What is Easy 1 Up




16 thoughts on “What Is Easy 1 Up – Legit or Run Away?”

  1. That is a really good and thorough review if Easy1up!
    There are some good programs out there to learn , but nothing can touch the training, mentorship, tools and community at Wealthy Affiliate!
    I actually used Wealthy Affiliate to build 2 websites that are growing! They have started to earn revenue and that’s an awesome feeling! I’m still a premium member at Wealthy affiliate and plan on remaining so! Even after the training and web sites built, there is still a ton of value at Wealthy Affiliate, and the cost is the same as a soft drink a day! Unreal!
    I can tell you one thing for sure! Your readers that make the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate will be back to thank you, and those who don’t jump on it will never know the tremendous opportunity they have passed up

    • Thank you Mike for the kind words. I totally agree with you. I have created three websites with Wealthy affiliate and ii is indeed an awesome feeling to see income coming in. Not to mention a University style learning platform that is simply amazing. I keep discovering new training from members who are earning awesome incomes and some of the strategies that they have developed. You can never really stop learning in this industry. 

  2. Easy 1 up looks like it will be another short-lived program. Some people will be lucky and make money and others will not. Eventually, the market will get saturated and the commissions will dry up.
    I like Wealthy Affiliate, it is one of the best, if not the best, affiliate training programs available. And affiliate marketing is a proven success method that will be around for a long time.
    Thanks for the informative and well-written article.

    • Thank you Ed for the awesome feedback. Yes I totally agree with you on that one. There will be the people who make money with this, but it will be more likely be the kind of people that already have a large email list to work with. They will send an email to a huge list and a bunch of newbies will join, pay their fees and then not be active. This is a very poor way to marketing online. The affiliate marketing model taught at Wealthy Affilate is much better indeed. Especially for the long term and much better for the newbie ….

  3. Thank you Ralph for this informative review of another network marketing program that seems to be popping up regularly.

    Do you prefer this to affiliate marketing?

    I have spent years in the networking industry and actually did earn some pretty good money, but they just don’t last unless they, Like Amway, become so big and have a strong online presence.

    I have not heard of this man or his program, so thanks again for such an informative review!


    • Thanks Dallas! Yes, I have actually made money in the Network Marketing Realm as well, but like you, it seems to die off as your downline members start to drop off because beginners tend not to make money that quickly. This is why I like affiliate marketing so much better. It is much easier for the newbie to earn commissions and follow a good educational experience. Especially from the Wealthy Affiliate University. So, to answer your question, I do prefer affiliate marketing over Network Marketing. 

  4. Hi there,

    I am guessing by your so-so rating of this product that there is at least a viable possibility of making some money with this method, even if it is not exactly the best. I mean, you have not exactly warned us off of it yet not exactly strongly discouraging us.

    Given your rating, there is better systems or methods out there than 1 up. Care to mention a few legit bona finde ones that I can try? ones that do work..and not just today, tomorrow or next week but a sustainable way for a long time to come. I don’t mind a hard slog or putting in the work and I do have the time!.

    • Hi Derek. Yes I am not fully discounting the program mainly because the owner of the program does have a good reputation and has been in the industry a long time. People do make money with this type of system, but it is usually short lived because the one’s who succeed are usually experienced marketers who build teams in one company and then bring them along to another company. People follow them because of their experience and know how, not necessarily because of the company itself. They follow the leader sometimes from one company to the next. I don’t think this model is good for the newbie to this industry who needs a more stable and foundational approach to making money online. I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate myself because you can choose what business what niche you want to get into based on your passions and interests. Plus they have an awesome training and mentoring system. 

  5. Hi, I don’t like pyramid scheme programs at all.

    I find it not fair that the earnings I make have to be shared with people that have recruited me. In the video, it says all commissions go directly to me but this seems not to be true.

    In the end, I don’t see any other product involved than the easy up program its self. This is also a warning sign for me.

    If the program gets in trouble all customers lose all their money at the same time.

    WA is the much better solution for starting an online business. There you learn how to build a website and sell affiliate products not depending on the program itself.

    • Hi Stefan, I totally agree with you. The matrix payment structure is very sketchy at best and is really the reason folks like the SEC and FTC don’t like these types of payment structures. It is truly a boarderline situation.
      It is much better to build your own website and become an authority in your own niche for sure.

  6. Hello and thanks for sharing. Your post is well detailed and has tons of good information that will help your readers. Wealthy affiliate is number one when it comes to helping people to have online success.

    • Hi Norman, thank you for the kind words. I do agree with you regarding Wealthy Affiliate being number one when it comes to helping people to have online success. The value of the training alone is huge, not to mention the hosting and other benefits. Plus the ability to try it out for free without a credit card.

  7. I agree with your argument on Easy 1Up. I’ve actually looked into this product some time before and I found it to be a pyramid scheme. But last time they only have 5 levels of membership. But now it seems like they’ve increased to 6 to earn even more membership upsells.

    • Thanks Jerry, yeah that’s right, they added a 6th product to their scheme. Another way to increase commissions to their affiliates. It amazes me though that people don’t actually use the training. It is specifically just use to sell and resell. This decreases the value in my opinion. Again, thanks for the feedback.

  8. It is my experience that the only people who make money are the creators of the program. It is concerning that this individual continues to crank new programs.

    A major concern you note is it borders on a scamming scheme and why would you want to associate yourself with something that could negatively impact you.

    I spent time looking at your #1 recommendation and it sounds great, straight forward, and with no catch.

    What has your experience been with Wealthy Affiliate. Are you on track to reach your goals?

    Thank you

    • Thanks for the feedback, and you are right about why would someone want to associate themselves with a program like. I actually joined a long time ago, and have not promoted it at all in the past 2 years. One of my main goals with Wealthy Affiliate is to establish an authority site that receives daily traffic through the search engines. I am reaching my goals much quicker that I expected. I do get a good amount of traffic and the community is awesome. Also, the training offered is unbelievable. I have seen similar training that is in the thousands of dollars. But, here at wealthy affiliate it is all included in the premium membership, and that includes live training every week.


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