Best Clickbank Affiliate Programs – Yes, Some Are Better Than Others

As many of you know, Clickbank has some great affiliate products and some, well, not so great affiliate products. So, how do we select a good Clickbank affiliate product to earn commissions from and still keep our reputation as a marketer intact. In this post I am going to give you a list of the Best Clickbank Affiliate Programs, the top 3. In addition to this list, I will give you a brief description of the criteria used to come up with this list.

If you want a more detailed way to find your own Clickbank products to sell, you can read my post on how to find Clickbank Products that Sell in 2020 here.

Why Use Clickbank?

One of the big advantages of choosing Clickbank as a part of your affiliate marketing portfolio is the potential for higher commissions. You can find affiliate vendors that are willing to pay as high as u commissions to sell their products. Some will even run promos that will offer you as high as 90%. So, it is definitely a good idea and to your advantage to determine the best Clickbank Affiliate Programs.

Another advantage of using Clickbank as an affiliate program is that the majority of their products are digital products. This typically means instant download capabilities and eliminates the need to wait for a product to be shipped or paying for the extra shipping costs, which would be passed on to the customer. Plus, some of these products get re-released on occasion when they partner with other marketers, such as seen in the List Leverage Review.

One aspect of affiliate marketing I like to use Clickbank for is niche selection. Like Amazon, Clickbank categorizes the product portfolio into categories and sub-categories. Both of which can aid the affiliate marketer in selecting a profitable niche. Odds are, if the category is listed in Clickbank and Amazon, it is most likely a profitable niche to get into. Then it is just a matter of competition.

Best Clickbak Affiliate Programs

Criteria Used

If one utilizes Clickbank properly, you can make a huge amount of money selling Clickbank products. I have mixed up the niches in this list to show some diversity, but the main criteria for this list includes:

  • Gravity
  • Commission rate
  • quality of product
  • quality of sales page
  • provided resources
  • Niche specificity

These metrics are somewhat self-explanatory, except for gravity, and, perhaps, niche specificity. So, let’s try and get a grasp of both.


is a number indicating an approximate, relative measure of how many affiliates have successfully promoted products from an account, with a higher number indicating more conversions. The higher the number, the higher the conversion rate and the number of affiliates promoting the product. So, higher does not necessarily mean better, since it also indicates the number of competitors.

Our minimum number to go by is at least a gravity of 20 or more. We usually try and stay away from products that have a real high gravity because that usually means more competition. However, this really depends on ow you advertise. If you are using paid advertising, then the higher the better. If you are using free advertising, or organic traffic, a good range would be 20 to 100.

Niche Specificitybest clickbank affiliate programs

Niche specificity is really a term we made up to answer the question, does this product fit into a niche or sub-niche that we, as a marketer, can provide good content for. If the product does not fit into a particular niche, then it will limit the type of advertising you can utilize. If you are looking for ways to promote Clickbank products, keep reading, for we will provide you that information as well.



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Best Clickbank Affiliate Programs – Yes, Some Are Better Than Others

The Best Clickbank Affiliate Programs

We have done the research for you, so with this list, you can be assured to have a solid foundation to build your campaigns upon. This list is not an exclusive list by any stretch of the imagination, however, it will definitely help you choose the best of the best and is a good place to start earning some awesome online income.

As mentioned before, we have pulled these selected products from a variety of niches to show the diversity you can select from when choosing the best clickbank affiliate programs.

We will also share with you some great training tips to help you along with your affiliate marketing efforts.

So, let’s start with the number one Clickbank affiliate product.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors 2.0 For 2019

The original Unlock Your Hip Flexors was created by a company known as Critical Bench products. This company has been around for over 10 years and has sold tons of products including this one. So, what is Unlock Your Hip Flexors? Well, it is a product based on the #1 muscle In Your Body that is the Key to Eliminating Joint & Back Pain, Anxiety and Looking Fat.

It reveals 10 simple moves that will bring vitality back into your life so that you can be strong, active and energetic.

You receive a Unlock Your Hip Flexors manual along with a DVD describing everything you need in addition to a few bonuses as well. This is an electronic download for $10. For $15 you get a physical book and DVD set along with digital downloads plus bonuses. Unlock your hip flexors and bonuses for the best clickbank affiliate programs

It’s best to view the sales page to get a good idea of what is offered. Click here to see the sales page.

So, let’s take a look at the metrics mentioned above and lay them out for you for this product:

  • Gravity – 119.75 – this means that over 119 affiliates have had a sale in the past 12 weeks.
  • Commission rate – 78%, this is a very high commission rate with the ability to get many up sells.
  • quality of product – The product is of high value. My wife has actually used this product and she loves it. Plus, the refund rate is very low and has a great reputation on the net.
  • quality of sales page –The quality of the sales page is very good.
  • provided resources – Critical Bench provides a huge amount of resources and some fairly good training as well.
  • Niche specificity – Great niche specificity in that it can be utilized for several niches.

The gravity of this product is 119.75. This means that over 119 affiliates have had a sale in the last 12 weeks. As mentioned above, I would recommend a gravity of at least 20 or higher. Obviously, this is higher than 20 and because it can be utilized in several niches, such as the weight loss niche, the fitness niche, and the fitness tracker or smart watch niches, the high competition can be outweighed by utilizing it into your own blog within an already established niche.

Another great thing about Critical Bench is that the creator of this company has a huge amount of experience in affiliate marketing. Because of this, the resources that are available are higher quality than you would typically get from a Clickbank vendor and since content marketing is one of the best methods for affiliate marketing, they give you a lot of affiliate resources that are geared toward creating your own content. This is a huge plus, and their affiliate profits center is jammed packed with value.

This leads us to another of the best clickbank affiliate programs.

Teds Woodworking

best clickbank affiliate programs

This is a product that has remained popular for a very long time. It has had a gravity of over 100 for several years now, proving that it is a solid product that has very low returns and provides a lot of value to the people purchasing it. It is considered the highest converting woodworking product on the internet. Another great aspect of this product is that it fits into a great niche that anyone can enter into and enjoy.

Plus, as we will see, the ratings for our established criteria are great and there is a high potential of money to be made. So, let’s go ahead and dig into this one and take a look at the stats.

  • Gravity – 136.01 – this means that over 136 affiliates have had a sale in the past 12 weeks.
  • Commission rate – 75%, awesome commission rate, plus, with up sells, you can earn up to $125 per sale!
  • quality of product – The product is of high value. As mentioned earlier, this product has been on the market for a very long time and has proven itself to be of high quality and value.
  • quality of sales page –The quality of the sales page is very good, this is evidenced by the consistently high conversions that it gets.
  • provided resources – The owner of this one also is a great affiliate marketer and provides a lot of support and a great affiliate center packed with resources.
  • Niche specificity – Great niche specificity in that it is not as competitive as the health and fitness niche. High gravity with low competition is a great combination.

One thing I really like about this Clickbank product is that it can be promoted using both content marketing and direct marketing. One of the resources that is provided is free plans that you can give away to generate a targeted list with. You simply give away free plans to people that are interested in the woodworking niche, and then when they see the quality of these plans, they will want to make a purchase for a ton more.

These giveaways are great for pay per click advertising and content marketing. I ran a very successful bing ads campaign with this product, now I may try Google adwords as well. Of course, the best way to promote this product is to own your own woodworking blog and provide great value. There are some really cool landing pages that are offered as well.

Now let’s take a look at our final Clickbank affiliate program that we feel is also one of the best.

YouTube Secrets

Best Clickbank affiliate programs

If you are in the Make Money Online niche then this Clickbank affiliate program is for you. It converts with any kind of traffic, but best with owning your own blog in the affiliate marketing or make money online niche. I probably don’t have to tell you how popular YouTube is, but it can definitely make you money. The thing about these types of programs though, is you don’t want to get caught up the program itself. You can make more money promoting these programs than you can from using them. Trust me on this one.

What happens if you try and make money using these types of programs is you start to bounce from one program to the next. Then when you don’t make money right away, you try another the same thing happens. You are much better off promoting these programs using good affiliate marketing strategies.

Another real awesome thing about this affiliate program is that it is a membership site, meaning you get monthly recurring commissions.

That being said, lets take a look at the stats on this one.

  • Gravity – 148.37 – this means that over 148 affiliates have had a sale in the past 12 weeks.
  • Commission rate – 70%, awesome commission rate, plus, since this is a membership site, you get recurring commissions.
  • quality of product – The product is of high value. It is a membership site with a lot of support inside for the members that join.
  • quality of sales page –The quality of the sales page is very good, this is evidenced by the consistently high conversions that it gets. Plus, you can offer a $1 trial that allows people to see the benefits before making a purchase.
  • provided resources – The owner of this one also is a great affiliate marketer and provides a lot of support and a great affiliate center packed with resources.
  • Niche specificity – This is mainly for the make money online or affiliate marketing niche. Not that much diversity. Plus, this niche is a bit competitive.

Conclusion – How To Promote the Best Clickbank Affiliate Programs

Now that you know what the best clickbank affiliate programs are, it’s time to go out and make some money.

Unless you are an experienced affiliate marketer who is reading this post to find out what products to promote to an existing list or you already have an affiliate marketing plan, you may be wondering just how you market these affiliate programs.

I use and teach two marketing methods that can go hand in hand. I have had success with both and utilize these two methods on an ongoing basis, and they are:

  • content marketing
  • pay-per-click marketing (mainly using Bing Ads)

Content marketing is simply running your own website in the appropriate niche and providing valuable information to the people who are looking for information included in the product your are promoting. This is really cool because it is free advertising, plus it is also one of the best sources of advertising because the people who read your content were searching for information about that content. Therefore, they are easier to sell to.

The same is true with pay-click-advertising. People who click on ad advertising and follow through are much more likely to purchase what you are promoting because they wouldn’t have clicked on ad if they weren’t already interested in learning more about what the ad is about.

The thing about pay-per-click advertising is that it does cost money. If you are using Bing Ads, it is not really that big of an investment. Plus, you can scale what is working and make money all day long. The best thing to do is a combination of these two methods to ensure you get good return on your investment (ROI), and the best way to do this is by getting a good coach to help you with the process.

You may be thinking that would be very expensive to do, but not now.

If you are looking for a step by step method of how to make a great income with affiliate marketing promoting the best Clickbank affiliate programs, or any affiliate program for that matter, then click the banner below for some FREE coaching. This is not a free trial, it is actually free to join. You don’t even need a credit card to try it out.

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13 thoughts on “Best Clickbank Affiliate Programs – Yes, Some Are Better Than Others”

  1. Hello, Ralph and thanks for this info.  I had a look at Clickbank a couple of years ago and, no knowing enough about Affiliate Marketing I kind of turned away from it (lack of understanding).

    You have helped me understand a little bit more about how it works and, now, I think I want to take another look at it.

    I can see how being a CB affiliate might be able to help with one of my websites but I’m not too sure about the other which is in the RV lifestyle niche.  I’m not sure they would have any products that I could use in that niche?

    How would I search CB for products that are related to the RV Lifestyle?.

    It’s kind of like the training program you and I are part of.  I have searched there for Affiliate Programs as well with no success.

    Any Ideas?


    • Hi Wayne, I believe the RV lifestyle can be associated with a few different niches. One sometimes needs to think out of the box to see this, however. For example, the survival niche or camping niche can fit into this category quite nicely. Just like a blog I have related to Fitness watches, which can embrace any health and fitness product. Clickbank does have products associated with the survival niche as well as camping equipment. I would think people who live the RV lifestyle would also enjoy camping and the outdoors as well. Think about water proof lighters, or other products that campers and even hikers would be interested in. You have to look at the niche as a group of people who have shared interests. 

  2. I appreciate this information on how to differentiate the good from the not so good programs on ClickBank.  I agree that this is important from not only wasting one’s time on less than desirable programs without earning anything significant, but also to maintain one’s overall reputation as a marketer.

    I like using ClickBank for the wide variety of choices in the products as well as the potential for higher commissions.  It is also a plus that they are mainly digital products.

    Thanks for providing and explaining the criteria used and for giving some descriptive examples.  You have provided a lot of good information and it is much appreciated.  All the Best.

    • Thanks Joseph for the kind words. Yes, I agree that Clickbank offers a variety of choices and i definitely like the idea of the many digital products and high commission potential 

  3. Yes,I heard a lot about the tedswoodworking and it is surprising how it has maintained a very good stand in the market even after such a long period of time. Wow, it would be great if one could get to promote this. For it to be relevant and have such gravity, then it has something special to offer that most people would die for to have. Hence, there is need for me to make honest use of this. Thanks

    • Thanks Rodarrick! Absolutely. With the woodworking niche, you can promote Teds Woodworking in addition to other products developed by the same vendor. They offer great value for free that entices the potential customer to want more of the same. I simply love the value that they offer the customer, which increases your overall reputation as a marketer. Again, providing good value. 

  4. I have tried to market programs listed on Clickbank before, but without success. Why is this? Probably because I didn’t know how to determine which were the most profitable products to promote.
    This article explains the meaning of ‘Gravity’ and ‘Specificity’ very well.
    Armed with this knowledge, combined with the excellent training WA offers on how to build a website, I feel confident that I will be able to create a successful online business

    • Thanks for visiting my site Ian. Yes, I totally agree with you. The training offered by Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with everything you need to promote the best Clickbank Affiliate programs. 

  5. Hello, I’m new to affiliate marketing and I found this article about the best clickbank affiliate programs very informative. Do you have any tips on how to get the traffic to promote these products? I see so many videos on youtube on how to make money on clickbank but I really don’t know which ones to follow.

    • Great question! Yes there are many YouTube videos on the subject, many of which are very out dated. I personally recommend creating your own website in the niche that the best Clickbank Affiliate Programs fall into and then create content that relates to the product you are promoting. Then learn how to rank this content on Google and the other search engines to get free high quality traffic. Once you get the basic website created, then I would recommend using Bing ads to drive traffic to your website that leads them to the offer. 

      What is really cool, is you can learn this process step by step by following this training. 

  6. Hello Ralph, one of those things that make me like clickbank so much is the rate of their commission but many times I see reviews of the products on the platform and I see that they are not really good. Well, you have given some really good ones here’s that have a relatively high amount of commission and I should try them out. Thank you for explaining those criteria to look out for when I want to sell a product on clickbank. Thank you!

    • Hi Henderson, you are welcome. Yes, some of the products are not that great and you need to do your due diligence. As long as you stick with the criteria I suggest, you should have no problem finding the gems in the rough as there are some huge potential in among the best Clickbank Affiliate Programs. 


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