How to Find Clickbank Products That Sell in 2020

You spend hours researching your product on clickbank, pick what you think is a winner, and then to top it all off, you spend the whole day setting up, what you think is an awesome campaign, only to find that the product you are promoting has one of the highest return rates on Clickbank. You picked a dud and now your reputation is at stake. In this post I will discuss how to find Clickbank products that sell in 2020.

Rather than simply giving you a list of the best Clickbank affiliate programs, we will show you how and what to look for when picking the best Clickbank affiliate programs to promote this year, or any year for that matter. It is important to have a process to follow that allows you enough information to make a wise choice. This process is easy to follow and very effective as long as you don’t skip a step.

I will list five steps and discuss each one separately. This way you are doing your due diligence and thorough research. I believe understanding and using this process yourself is much better than simply giving you a “best of” list, because such a list doesn’t capture the niche you may be in since utilizing a niche website it the best way to promote Clickbank products.

5 Step Process to Find Clickbank Products That Sell

Clickbank Products that Sell

The following is a process I use when searching for a good product to promote on my website. Yes, I do recommend that you promote Clickbank products from your own website. The idea here is that the products you choose to promote are relevant to what your website is about. This is the very best way to promote Clickbank affiliate programs. It builds trust and gives you more authority to sell the chosen programs.

I realize that many gurus teach you to promote Clickbank products by using the one-page funnel technique, but I am here to tell you this simply doesn’t work that well and, in the long run, it is much easier to promote Clickbank products using your own website.

This process may seem difficult, but it is much easier than you might think. If you want to see just how easy it is to sell Clickbank products using your very own website, check out my 4 step process. It is easier than you might think.

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How to Find Clickbank Products That Sell in 2020

So, the 5 step process to find Clickbank products that sell are:

  • Pick from a relevant category
  • Use the search/filter feature the right way
  • Analyze the Vendor Spotlight feature for trends
  • User Experience – observe the sales funnel from the prospect’s perspective
  • Analyze the affiliate tool page

Pick From a Relevant Category

Not only should you pick from a relevant category, but you should remain relevant throughout your whole campaign. I cannot stress enough the importance of relevancy throughout the process. It is through relevancy that determines who succeeds in affiliate marketing and who doesn’t. So, what do I mean by choosing from a relevant category?

This may seem real stupid simple, but it basically means you choose from a category in the marketplace that is in the same subject matter as your website. For example, you don’t want to promote an e book about how to effectively raise a child on a pet care website.
It is not relevant, and it gives your reader the impression you are in it just to make money rather than trying to help people. Helping people should be your focus, rather than focusing on just making money.
Take a look at the image below and see how many categories Clickbank products fall under.

Clickbank Products That Sell

Clickbank Products that Sell


Of course, we can drill down further into sub-categories to narrow the search even further. For example, within the Health and Fitness category, we have many sub-categories. By narrowing this down into sub-categories, we can find a good solid niche to promote within. So, if we own a website about Women’s health as apposed to simply health and fitness, we stand a better chance at selling related products and services. This will become more apparent as we utilize the other steps of the process.

How to Use the Search & Filter Feature the Right Way

Moving right along, once you have decided on a category and subcategory based on your niche, it is time to find an actual product and/or products to promote. There is no such thing as one “ideal” product. You can certainly promote more than one. The idea, again, is relevancy based on your niche, and, of course, your keyword phrase that you are targeting.

Back to the health and fitness category, specifically women’s health, as an example, I can select products based on a list of criteria within the “sort results by” search area. The criteria are as follows:

  • Popularity
  • Avg $/sale
  • Initial $/sale
  • Average re bill Total
  • Average %/Rebill
  • Gravity

For our purposes, I recommend focusing on gravity only. Check out the image below to see what comes up in the search based on highest gravity to lowest. As you can see from the search Yoga burn comes up first within the search results. The gravity is fairly high, which is good. I typically like the gravity to be 20 or above. So, in the case of Yoga Burn, the gravity is 47.2. This means, on the average, 47.2 different affiliates have made sales within the past 12 weeks. This is a rough figure, but does indicate that affiliates are selling the product.

Clickbank Products That Sell


What is really cool about this number is that it eliminates those affiliates that may be more experienced than others. They only consider one unit per affiliate, rather than taking into consideration that one particular affiliate may have had 30 sales in one day. This number represents 47.2 different affiliates have made a sale in the past 12 weeks.

The higher the gravity, the better. But, keep in mind this is not the only metric we are considering.

Analyze the Vendor Spotlight Feature for Trends

One metric I like to look at is whether the product is trending downward or upward, or steady as she goes. Not all products will have this vendor spotlight, but if they do, take advantage of the information provided. It gives you an idea of the trend of sales, typically, within the past 30 days.

Check out the image below for details:

Clickbank Products That sell

Taking Yoga Burn as an example again, you see from the graph that the gravity trend is trending downward. This may indicate that the products is losing momentum for one reason or another. I may not discount it solely based on this one result, but may consider it when I look at the whole picture with the rest of the metrics I am analyzing. This is not an exact science, but more of a method based on as many data as I can utilize.

I may also consider, the content that I am creating as well to determine whether I want to promote this product or not. I may also look at the refund rate to see if people are not happy with the product and that is why the trend may be going down. It gives me a reason to look further.

User Experience or Observe the Sales Funnel

Most Vendors will show you what the sales page looks like. There is almost always a video sales page of some type along with a long page of text selling the products. I like to analyze the sales page to check if it is professional and well written. I also like to determine if I feel it is too hyped up or not. There is no real formula for this. You have to simply rely on your own judgment.

Look at it from the customers point of view. If it seems like hype to you, it will probably seem like hype to the potential prospect as well. Also, you can tell whether the sales copy is written poorly or not based on your own experience. The trick here is to trust your own judgment. Don’t sell yourself short. You probably know more than you think you know. Use your gut instinct on this one.

Analyze the Affiliate Tools Page

Vendors differ in this area. Some offer a lot of affiliate tools and some offer very little. It really depends on their experience as an affiliate marketer. Some vendors are very good at creating good products and services, but may not be experienced in the area of affiliate marketing.

Again, using the Yoga Burn as an example, if you notice towards the bottom of the vendor spotlight image above, their is an affiliate page link. This is where the vendor offers tools, banners, email sequences and other resources to help you promote their product. They will also break down the affiliate commission structure indicating how much money you can make with the various up sells that they may be offering at the time.

Now the other thing is, the vendors rarely, if at all, offer any type of affiliate marketing training. They assume you already know how to promote affiliate products and services.

Well, don’t worry too much about this, I know of a great community that provides awesome affiliate marketing training and the best affiliate marketing tools and strategies available on the internet. This community is known as Wealthy Affiliate. I have been involved with Wealthy Affiliate since 2015 and simply love it. You can get all the information regarding their awesome training platform by reading A Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 here.


So, there you have it. I hope you have enjoyed this post on how to find clickbank products that sell in 2019. Keep in mind that you want to take all the data from each of the 5 steps together to determine which products and services you want to promote from Clickbank. Clickbank is a good platform, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing. They are easy to deal with and get approval as an affiliate.

If you want to learn step by step how to promote affiliate products, click on the image below and take me up on my offer to receive my free step by step guide in affiliate marketing. Not only do you get the best training in the industry, but you also get two free hosted websites as well. Should you have any questions at all about affiliate marketing, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer you within 24 hours or less.


2 thoughts on “How to Find Clickbank Products That Sell in 2020”

  1. Hi Ralph –

    thanks for taking the time to write this!

    I’ve to admit, I’m familiar with Clickbank and it can be really hard to find that ‘right’ product to share with your readers.

    I thought your explanation about gravity was awesome. I was aware it was a metric that indicates which products are selling and which ones aren’t but I didn’t understand that it shows how many affiliates had sold it (regardless of the number of units sold). That’s a really, really, helpful piece of knowledge for me.



    • Thanks for visiting my site Phil.

      Yes, it took me a while to find and research exactly what gravity actually is. At first I got several conflicting answers, but, being persistent in my approach, I was able to find the true definition and to utilize it to help me find worthwhile clickbank products that sell.

      At first, I was just looking for the highest gravity number and going for that one, but I realized by doing this, I was not providing as much value to my readers as I should. It is all about providing value to your readers. The more value you can offer the better. There is nothing worse than risking selling bad products to customers and getting refunds.

      It doesn’t help your reputation either. One thing that I noticed is that many, so called marketing experts, are recommending short cut methods to promoting Clickbank products. They do this to simply sell a course or product by telling people that they can make money without a website or without doing the, so called hard work.

      This is just a sales technique. They try and persuade people that it is too hard to create a website in a particular niche and then sell relevant products within that niche.

      It actually is NOT that hard and it is certainly more effective. Creating a Niche website and offering value on that website is the best approach to selling Clickbank products online. This free step by step guide in affiliate marketing really helped my business grow exponentially.


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