What is Seacret Direct? – An MLM Review

[no_toc] Network marketing companies, or company’s that have an MLM structure associated with them, are very attractive to people, especially when they have products that are attractive like the products Seacret Direct offers. But, you may ask, what is Seacret Direct? Is this a company that you can make a good income with as well as give you the time freedom that working from home offers? Well, before you just jump right in, let’s see if this is a good fit for you. In this MLM review I will discuss how Seacret direct works and if becoming a Seacret agent is the best way to make an online income, or if there better alternatives available.

What is Seacret Direct?What is Seacret Direct - Logo

Seacret Direct is a very popular skincare and cosmetic company that utilizes an MLM (Mulit-Level Marketing)

business model. The company was founded by Izhak and Moty Ben Shabat in 2011. They are a global cosmetic company based in the United States that offers a wide range of products For both men and women.

Their unique technology offers a product line that is associated with the Dead Sea, which is saturated with minerals, 12 of which, are unique to the Dead Sea. In fact, the founders began selling these Israili Dead Sea products inside shopping malls in 2001 before they decided to take their business to a different level. In 2005, they founded Seacret Spa International as a skin care retail business and then in 2011 the two brothers decided to sell their products utilizing a network of independent distributor’s known as “Seacret Agents”. This is when they officially became an established MLM.

Are the Seacret Dead Sea Products Worth The Price?

I guess it wouldn’t be an MLM if the company didn’t offer products from some far off land, right? This seems to be the theme behind a lot of these types of companies. Nutritional MLM’s are famous for claiming their products come from some source that is not found in any other product that you can simply buy from a drug store.

That being said Seacret’s product line is certainly from a unique source. The Dead Sea. There is only one Dead Sea. But that being said, as a ‘Seacret Agent’ you will be responsible for promoting Seacret Direct products. One of the sample products from Seacret Direct’s portfolio is Mineral-Rich Peeling Gel. This is a fairly new product, but is popular for women and many of them seem to like the results. But, this product can also be purchased at a lower price from the Amazon website.

What is Seacret - Mineral Peeling Gel - Amazon image

What is Seacret Direct - Mineral Rich Peeling Gel - Seacret site

As you can see on the Amazon image above, the products is listed for $62.94. Whereas the product sold on the Seacret sit is actually more expensive with a price of $74.99. This is most likely because the Seacret Agent is getting a cut as well.

I am not saying that all Seacret’s products are sold on Amazon. There are only select products. But, I do have to say, that Amazon does have quite a few Seacret Direct products on the Amazon site, and typically they are cheaper on Amazon. I believe this would impact the ability of agents to promote many of these products. Especially the more expensive ones.

Escape the MLM Rat Race

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Here is a snap shot of the Seacret Direct product line:

They have a host of Dead Sea skincare products, from cleansers and moisturizers to exfoliates and nail products. They have masks and, of course, hand creams. These include:

  • Facial Solutions
  • Body Solutions
  • Age-Defying, and
  • Re-Cover

Let’s start with Facial Solutions

This product line includes face wash and facial soap products, creams and cosmetic products, make-up remover, eye creams, and mud masks. These products range from $17 for a bar of mud soap up to $240 for a “mineral rich” mud mask.

Body Solutions

Body solutions is Seacret’s body care products that includes products such as lotions, foot and hand creams, soaps, scrubs, mud therapy. These products range in price from about $16 to $50


The age-defying product line is very popular indeed. These products include serums, face masks, and creams. These products range in price all the way up to about $300.


Seacret Direct claims that this product is their most revolutionary product yet. It is a day mask that bonds with your skin at the deepest part of the wrinkles. They also claim that the formula acts as a reservoir for other products, helping or enhancing you to retain the benefits of your moisturizer. They claim this will lessen the appearance of aging without the use of harsh chemicals or procedures.

What is interesting to note, is that it is sold for $211.99 on a distributor’s website for a package of 8 and for $69.99 on Amazon.

What is Seacret Direct - Recover - Seacret

What is Seacret Direct - Recover - Amazon

To get a better understanding of the product line and how these products work, I recommend watching the video below:


The Seacret Direct Opportunity

To become a Seacret Agent, you will have to sign up through another Seacret Agent. From there, you will have to rely on your agent to teach you how to sell and promote the business.

The Seacret opportunity utilizes a binary compensation plan with essentially 5 different ways to earn. They are as follows:

  • Retail Sales
  • Preferred customer program
  • Team commission
  • Leadership check match bonus, and finally
  • Performance bonuses

Seacret Agents get 30% commission from personal sales, but can go higher as you build a larger team. Like with most MLM companies, this isn’t always an easy chore. You will need to learn how to recruit because this is where the real money is. Trying to earn a decent income through just product sales will be difficult at best because, as mentioned above, people can purchase these products from other sources than going through a Seacret Agent.

I am not saying it is impossible to make money with an MLM company like this one, Especially if you know how to succeed with Network Marketing, but there are easier ways to earn an income online.


Escape the MLM Rat Race

Network Marketers are shifting from MLM to Affiliate Marketing


Many of the compensation plans you see in MLM’s are complicated and this one is no different. In order to really grasp the compensation plan in detail, I suggest watching the short compensation plan video below:


How Much Does It Cost To Join Seacret Direct?

To get started as a Seacret Agent you will need to purchase a starter kit. This will run you $49. Which is reasonably affordable for this type of business model. There is, however, an upgrade to this for another $50. It is not clear what the advantages are for this additional upgrade. The thing is though, this does not mean you are an active distributor. To become active, you have to close a certain amount of sales each week. This is where it gets complicated. You have to achieve, what is known as 200 PV each week AND have 4 active customers. Then you become active and can qualify for commissions.

You will also need to renew your original enrollment each year on your anniversary date.

Pros and Cons of Seacret Direct


  • Overall Seacret Direct is a well-established company that has been around a while.
  • They are on a high growth rate, so they are here to stay awhile.
  • They have a very original product line, so there is interested in their product line


  • You Can purchase their products at a lower price on Amazon making it more difficult to sell their products
  • Like most MLM opportunities, it is difficult to make a good income unless you are one of the few big networkers
  • Their prices are relatively high compared to the competition.
  • There is a lot of competition in this niche.

Final Thoughts

While it may seem very exiting to get involved with a product line from the depths of the Dead Sea, with all the potential income that can be made, I believe there are much easier ways to earn a living online. One of the problems with these MLM type of companies is that you really get a lot of pressure to maintain sales and the required volume so that you can qualify to make money, let alone actually make money.

Another set back is that many of the successful Network Marketers have big marketing lists to market to, whereas the beginners is stuck with starting off selling to their friends and family or Facebook friends, or even worse, spamming all social media.

Look, I was involved with Network Marketing and the MLM industry for a long time and understand how it works. I can tell you from experience there are much better and easier ways to earn an income online. If you really want to make a decent passive income from the internet, I suggest that you start your own online business. That way, you can not only choose what products to promote, but you can choose any niche you want to market within. This may sound difficult, but it really is quite easy if you get the right training and support.

Check out my number one recommendation on how to start your very own online business. This way you can easily and consistently earn a passive income online. You won’t have to bug your friends and family, host parties or show weird payment plans on a fancy white board. But, you will get free training and a community of over two million people to help you out along the way.

Seacret Direct

$49 Plus

Product Quality


Legality of Products


Business Opportunity


Training and Resources



  • Well Established Company
  • High Growth Rate
  • Original Product Line


  • MLM Structure makes it hard to consistently generate an income
  • You Can Purchase Their Products Cheaper on Amazon
  • Higher than normal pricing
  • Competitive Niche

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  1. Hmm, it looks like this is a genuine MLM opportunity but your research shows that any slightly money-conscious shopper might type “Seacret” into Google and see straight away that their products are available for a much lower cost on Amazon (and probably a load of other sites too), making this a less than attractive proposition. Thanks very much for doing the research on this.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this honest review about Seacret direct.

    Reading this post I realized that Seacret direct is not for every beginner in this online industry. I’m a beginner too and as you said, the affiliate marketing is perfect for people like me.  I see that you recommend Wealthy Affiliate and i really appreciate it. This platform is the biggest on the affiliate marketing and i can say that here i learned how to become a successful entrepreneur. Creating a website and promoting different products is very simple, especially when you can earn some passive income with all the commissions. I appreciate your review and thanks for first recommendation in making money online with Wealthy Affiliate. 

    • Thanks for stopping by my website Nimrodngy. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to earn a passive income online as well. The other thing is that if you do want to promote an MLM company, you can use the techniques taught in Wealthy Affiliate to promote that opportunity in a much better way. Companies like Seacret Direct can certainly be promoted by creating a website based around the product line. 

  3. Well! I’m not taking it from this company. Secret direct surely is a great platform that I know definitely would be of immense benefits to anyone because of their worldclass products that are needed by all. But the problem there is the fact that their business model Is mlm and I really hate mlm businesses. This is good and thanks so much

  4. Hi Ralph! You have put together a really thorough review of the Seacret Direct company and products. I have to admit that I didn’t know what Seacret Direct is and they seem to have some really interesting products. I use some products with dead sea extracts myself and I find them fantastic!
    While it is true that there are so many network marketed products available on Amazon as well, some MLMs warn about buying from other sellers because the quality of the products might not be the same. There were cases of fraud associated with MLM products sold on Amazon, so the customers should consider carefully before taking a purchasing decision.
    You are absolutely right saying that if someone decides to enter an MLM, earning a good income from sales only will be quite difficult. Most MLMs have complicated compensation plans and unfortunately most MLM consultants end up trespassing the limits of ethical business practices.
    As for your #1 recommendation, it’s absolutely amazing! I guess it’s really the top training for anyone wishing to become successful online.

    • Hi Marina, yes, you are definitely correct, in fact on one site I came across during my research, it had a warning on it to not purchase their products from Amazon. It was a disclaimer statement of some sort. That being said, it might be a difficult venture to sell these products because you would have to mention this fact to everyone or post a similar statement on your website. Also, yes, My #1 recommendation is amazing and does provide the best training I have seen in all of the years I have been in this industry. Thanks for your feedback and good luck to you in your business.

  5. Seacret Direct is definitely not a scam, but it is more suitable for people that have the skills necessary for selling, or, as you mentioned in your article, a large network to sell these products to. If you have the necessary skill set, then it could be quite lucrative to join and become a Seacret Agent and sell beauty products to the ladies.

    On the other hand, if you start a website and blog about your passion, you can earn money through affiliate marketing, that doesn’t limit you to only beauty products or supplement products. That’s the beauty of an online affiliate business. You can blog about the stuff that you have the most interest and expertise in and get paid  to for it.

    Thank you for sharing this and answering the question, What is Seacret Direct?

    • Hey, thanks for visiting my website. Yes, I totally agree with you. Seacret Direct is a legitimate MLM company. They have been around a while and have proven to provide high quality products. I also agree that if you have the necessary skill set, you can do well with this business. One of the things you can do is use the affiliate marketing techniques and apply them to Network Marketing as well as affiliate marketing. You can learn about these techniques in another article I wrote on how to succeed with Network Marketing. .

  6. I am always grateful for reviews like this. When you can identify that a product is readily available at a lower price than from an MLM then you immediately have to ask what is the value add.

    The only value add that I can see here is that an up line gets more money. I could not in all conscience sell this product in this way.

    Thanks for the eye opener.


    • Thanks for the feedback Hamish. Yes, it’s interesting that you can find these products on another companies site for less. The inflated price is indeed so that the Seacret Agents make more money.

  7. Hi Ralph!  I really enjoyed reading your article…but I also liked everything else about your site also.  Your review of Seacret was “direct” and honest.  You even made comparisons to better pricing on Amazon, so nobody could say you were not being transparent.  Honesty goes a long way in any industry.  MLM really gets a bad rap from all the ones that misrepresent the products or services and are more interested in making a sale than providing a solution for people.  I myself am involved with an MLM and take this approach.  I agree with you about building an online passive income!  


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