Online Funnel Mastery Review – 12 Proven Templates?

How would you like to have access to the exact successful funnels that 6, 7, and 8 figure earners are using to kill it online without having to reverse engineer their process manually and get access to 12 complete and proven online sales funnels fully explained to you. You must admit that it’s a very tempting offer, and that’s what the Online Funnel Mastery promises to give to you. Can it deliver on its promise, or would you be better off taking your time and money elsewhere? That’s what we are going to be looking into in this Online Funnel Mastery Review.

What is Online Funnel Mastery?

Online Funnel Mastery Review

Online Funnel Mastery is a training program that details 12 proven online funnel blueprints. They give you an overview of each of these funnels, showing you how the flow is created. This is done through video and PDF formats, They each have a video that explains the “tech and tips” of how to create a conversion funnel and the components and how to make each funnel go live.

They claim that each funnel comes with a “funnel map” download that makes it easy to visualize exactly how each funnel is constructed. This is done by something known as Funnelytics.

Online Funnel Mastery was created by Barry Rodgers.

Check out the video below for an inside peek into the back office of Online Funnel Mastery:

The Online Funnel Mastery Sales Page

Online Funnel Mastery Review

As you can see from the sales page, you get a peek behind the curtain and discover how top marketers are leveraging simple funnels to turn cold leads into loyal fans and repeat customers. They claim that after going through this training that you too, can learn how to profit from these very same funnels.

So, from the sales page you realize that the real product is a look at how sales funnels are used, what they look like and you are even provided with maps of how the funnel would look from the perspective of the prospect.

So, that being said, the main product is sales funnel training. If you are not familiar with what a sales funnel is, let me give you a quick explanation of what they are and how they work.

So, What Exactly Is a Sales Funnel?

If you are new to the make money online niche, you will soon realize there are a huge number of online programs talking about sales funnels and capitalizing on the whole process. This is done to the point where sales funnels seem like a huge complicated mess. But, they really don’t have to be.

Online Funnel Mastery really simplifies this whole process and helps you become very successful online utilizing the proper sales funnel that you need according to your individual needs.

Sales funnels are typicall used by some marketers to get you to purchase a higher priced product or service from the original product you are looking at purchasing. They usually start you out with a low-cost entry product and then send you through a series of more expensive (up-sells) and less expensive (down-sells). Some funnels start with a free product and then move up and down accordingly.

While not all up sells are necessarily a bad thing, many online marketers will often leave certain key components out of their original product so that they can then offer those key components in the form of an upsell in their sales funnel. The results are that the information you thought you were going to get for the original low price for the original product, is now only available if you spend a lot more money on the upsell inside of the funnel. Of course, you do not know that that up-sell is going to take place or not.

This is not the case with Online Funnel Mastery. The original product does stand on its own and has a huge amount of value, especially for the price.

I would highly recommend this product to learn how professional marketers are utilizing the best types of funnels that are proven to work.

Online Funnel Mastery Review

The only type of up-sells I like to take are the ones that enhance the product I purchased that stands on its own accord. For example. If I purchase a phone and later purchase a nice holder or a nice set up earphones to go with it, the phone still stands on its own accord as a phone. It is not missing anything that is required for its functionality.

Up-sells You Can Expect From Online Funnel Mastery?

There are actually three different up-sells and three different down-sells to this product. I will explain each one of them as follows:

  • Upsell #1, gives you two DFY Online Funnels.

The first DFY online funnel is based around a product called “Email Profits Formula” which is a product by William Fletcher that grants you resell rights to (this is a PLR product, that is allegedly worth $97.

It consists of a free giveaway, responsive squeeze page, redirect page, sales page, bump page, fully monetized thank you and delivery pages (the product delivery pages are also protected by password), full email sequence to establish authority and sell the main product to people who get the freebie.

The second DFY online funnel is a mini-course elevation funnel based around a personal growth product called “The Organized mind.

  • Downsell #1

In case the prospect did not take upsell 1, they will be directed to a downsell which will give them access to just of the DFY funnels – the Email Profits Formula, for a lower price.

  • Upsell #2 Lifetime Access To Everything Rebrandable (& Downsell #2)

Everything Rebrandable is a continuity site that Val Wilson & Barry Rodgers have run for the last 3 years.

  • Upsell #3 – The Rodgers Report Special Price (& Downsell #3)

This is Barry’s private newsletter. This is a recurring product and there is a choice between monthly and yearly subscriptions. This is a huge value and well worth the price.

It comes complete with a mini-course delivered by email sequence (including free download), redirect page, sales page, upsell page, all fully monetized thank you and delivery pages (delivery pages protected by password)

Both of these funnels are created fully personalized and linked using web-based software.

To get a visual understanding of how these up-sells and down-sells look, check out the image below.

Online Funnel Mastery Review

Pros and Cons of Online Funnel Mastery


  • 12 proven online funnel blueprints

These blueprints are proven techniques that work.  It gives an overview of each one, showing how the flow is created (video + pdf formats) and also has a video explaining “tech and tips” – actually how to create the funnel components and make each funnel live.

  • The training is excellent

The training is very good and teaches you how to use the funnels and gives you the best traffic training as well.

  • The training allows for any type of funnel building software of your choice. 

I personnaly like building funnels on my own website so that the visitors that come in are mine and hosted through my site. This is one aspect of this training I find to be outstanding.

  • Newbie friendly and for experienced marketers as well


  • Traffic can be expensive, unless you learn how to optimize your own website utilizing these funnels – Check out the free training below. 

Online Funnel Mastery Review – This one is different

Utilizing sales funnels are a great way to engage with your potential customers and generate good traffic to your very own website. The main problem with pre-built funnels are that they take the traffic away from your own website. Systems like ClickFunnels actually do this. You are much better off building the sales funnel on your own website.

What is really cool about Online Funnel Mastery, is it tteaches you how to use the correct sales funnel for your specific niche or platform. No matter what you are promoting. You can then apply it to fit your needs.

This allows for great branding and overall engagement with your audience and is far more effective for generating passive income and not having to rely upon canned software or other systems.

Not only that, but if you have your own website you will not have to deal with some of the hosting issues that you would have to deal with when using pre-built funnels.

When you create your own funnel on your own hosting platform and use your own site and domain for landing pages, you then OWN your funnel. This means that only you would have control over it and you would not have to worry about losing later. This is true marketing and Online Funnel Mastery can teach you how to utilize the proper funnel on your own website.

While paid traffic methods can be a great way to get people to see
your offers in any online business, if you don’t know how to optimize
your ads, it can cost you thousands of dollars in experimentation before
you ever see a sale, let alone break even or make a profit. So, in addition to the awesome training that Online Funnel Mastery gives you, I will include as a bonus a great website training that will supplement Online Funnel Mastery for Free.

Free Bonus For Checking Out Online Funnel Mastery?

If you want to learn step by step how to build a great website to utilize the sales funnel blueprints you get with Online Funnel Mastery with your online business, Click the banner below for my free bonus training.

Online Funnel Mastery

Price Varies with up-sells



community Support


Overall value


30 day guarantee


Price value for original product



  • 12 proven funnel blueprints
  • Training is excellent
  • Allows any type of funnel software to be used
  • For both Newbies and Pros


  • Traffic can be expensive

17 thoughts on “Online Funnel Mastery Review – 12 Proven Templates?”

  1. Your review is very timely, as I have been looking into sales funnels and wondering if they would be a good thing to have.  I am glad you mentioned that we can learn to make our own sales funnels that will be more applicable to our own website.  I like that idea and will welcome some training.  

    I know what you mean by the upsells.  It is so annoying to start something you think will be beneficial and then be told you need to buy something else to make your program work right.  There oughta be a law!  I don’t believe this funnel program would be for me.

    • Hi Fran, thanks for visiting my website. As far as funnels on your own website, I use the Thrive Architect plugin for my website. It creates awesome funnels, landing pages and capture pages. They have a huge number of templates and the best part is, that it is hosted on your own domain url. The thing a lot of people don’t realize is that with these cloud based programs and sales funnels that are all the same domain. Even the most popular ones are like that. ClickFunnels, for example, is a shared domain. You can actually Google that domain with a thank you page and come up with a host of pages that others are using. The best thing in any funnel is to have it hosted on your very own domain and website. You have control rather than the owner of the program. Thanks again for visiting my site. 

  2. Hi Ralph,

    Thank you for taking your precious time to write this Online Funnel Mastery review. 

    This product looks promising and tempting as many affiliate marketers nowadays are using a one-page funnel to drive traffic, leads, and sales instead of building an Authority Website. Their concept is to make money faster in the short term. Honestly, l am not fancy of it because you never have control over your funnels.

    I am a WA member and had learned how to create a funnel on my website and how to drive free to it. Presently, l am using Thrive Architect and Thrive leads to build my funnel and it is so easy to create any funnel at any time you want.

    Best wishes.

  3. My thoughts are that, if you are thinking jumping into the world of online business or Affiliate marketing income, you need to learn by taking courses and learn it from different sources ie You Tube, Facebook and online training. To be the best at something and be successful with it, you need to know every aspects of that Market or business. These days, thanks to the Internet, we can take so many online courses from our own home, just by having a laptop and a good WiFi connection. The more you learn on that topic the better you are and your success rate will be much higher than just leaving it to luck or fingers crossed. 

    I used to work in a restaurant once, in a kitchen, it’s much harder than being a waiter. So the chef obviously cooks all the dishes, but then one day he took his apron off and went on to do waitering, this guy knows how to cook and a waiter as well. So it got me thinking that, more you know or have knowledge of that specific business, its a win win situation for you. 

    To be successful in online business or Affiliate marketing, learn and master the not only Funnels, but how to bring Traffic (customers) to your website, social media advertising, affiliate links to your website…… The Online Market is real and, challenging and complex, but not impossible. 

  4. Very enlightening review about online funnel mastery you have discussed here on this post and I’m glad I stopped by to have a read. Actually, I had the pre-notion that this online funnel mastery was a scam because of the information I got that it includes upsells but you have really explained all the confusing parts for me. Though I was convinced its not a scam through your review, but I’m still a rookie in the affiliate world so, it might not be a best option for me as I’m still clueless about some of the things discussed here. Thanks

    • You’re welcome,  yes online funnel mastery is not a scam, but I do not recommend it for newbies. I believe learning how to build and monetize your own website is a better option

  5. After reading your article I have benefited greatly.You discuss in your article about Online Funnel Mastery Review – 12 Proven Templates. You also said What is Online Funnel Mastery.You compare wealthy affiliate vs online funnel mastery. Your opinion is wealthy affiliate is better than online funnel mastery.That’s really awesome. Your article makes me so happy. After reading your article i have learned in this topics clearly. So, Thank you very much for sharing your article.

  6. Hi Ralph, thanks for this awesome post, I have been caught so many times by these sales funnels that promise a complete product until you go through payment and then they offer an upsell which then they reveal is necessary to make your purchase work. Others sell you a product not mentioning that you need to buy a domain and hosting which they recommend you buy through their links because if you don’t, their software will not work as intended… I really think these sales tricks should be banned to protect consumers. I am so glad that Wealthy Affiliate is an honest, transparent platform that develops you as a person and empowers you to become a brand. Thanks again.

    • Hi Kimberleigh, thanks for visiting my site. Yes, I have fallen victim of these tactics as well. One OTO after another. lol.
      Better to brand yourself and keep everything on your own website.

  7. Hi Ralph,
    I have tried several online get rich systems in the past only to end up out of pocket with nothing to show for my efforts.
    The programme you suggest looks legit and a sure way to make a success online.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hello, thanks for the information on sales funnels.  I had no idea what they were, And didn’t know there was such a thing as software that helps you utilize them.  You post explained them very well, and explained the funnel mastery software.  Thanks for sharing that, and I will keep this in mind when my sites are getting bigger.  Rhonda

    • Thank you Rhonda for your feedback. What I found out during this Online funnel Mastery Review and based on my experience, you are much better off creating funnels within your own web property using a good plugin. This way all of your funnels are kept within your website. This is super important and really helps in rankings as well as tracking analytics for your site visitors. 

  9. Ralph,

    Thank you for this review. I got caught in a few up/down sells funnels and it was not a pleasant ride.

    The cost of getting traffic was so prohibitive, I simply could not afford it, even at the lowest level. I tried free traffic generation and it was so time-consuming & frankly sketchy that I gave that up too.

    Now that I have come back to Wealthy Affiliate, I have finally found what I was looking for. I have a wonderful community of marketers in addition to ongoing training to improve my site and create a real long term income.

    Thanks again for the information.

    Gwendolyn J

    • thanks for the feedback Qwendolyn. Yes, I have been caught up in many of these types of programs and after spending a lot of money on solo ads without a return, I realized it was time for a change as well. I love it here at Wealthy Affiliate. Programs like Online Funnel Mastery Review can waste a lot of your time and hard earned money. Thanks again for visiting my site.


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