Supplement Affiliate Marketing & 3 Top Programs to Join

As many of us know, advertisers have been following the baby boomer generation for many years now. All the way from baby food to music to clothes and now to the retirement market, Well it seems another market is doing extremely well as the baby boomer generations continues to age. Yes, you guessed it. The supplement industry. With this boom we also see a surge in supplement affiliate marketing as affiliate marketers continue to search for lucrative niches to get into.

So, just how big is the supplement industry? Is supplement affiliate marketing a worthwhile niche to get into? These are just a couple of questions we would like to answer in the following post.


If you are an affiliate marketer, or someone who wants to pursue affiliate marketing, and are looking for a good niche to get into, then continue reading to see if this industry appeals to you. We will be getting into the different types of affiliate programs in this industry as well as some potential keywords that may indicate the viability of this niche.

How Big Is the Supplement Industry?

The thing about the supplement industry that many people overlook is that there is a supplement for just about anything in today’s market. It is one thing to get into just dietary supplements, but how about sleep, weight gain, pain relief, nutrition, male and female ailments? You name it, there is most likely a real good supplement for it. There is even a supplement for loo

So, this in itself is just one reason why the supplement industry is absolutely HUGE, and it doesn’t seem like it is going to lesson anytime soon. The global dietary supplements market that was valued at $132.8 billion in 2016 is expected to reach $230.3 Billion in 2022 according to the following report.

So, basically, people are spending money on dietary supplements

supplement affiliate marketing

Dietary supplements seem to be the most popular and get the most attention. Plus, with dietary supplements, you still have a lot of sub-niches within that large category. Dietary supplements can include such compounds as vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids and amino acids. As an affiliate marketing, for example, you can write a complete article on the benefits of taking fiber as a supplement and then sell fiber as a single supplement. This is just one of the many possibilities.

Is Supplement Affiliate Marketing a Viable Niche to Get Into?

Based on the information stated above, supplement affiliate marketing is definitely a viable niche to get into. It has a lot of different products to write about and a lot of information available for one to do their due diligence in researching the benefits of the various supplements available in the market.

Another important factor to consider determining the viability of this niche are the knowledge of what people are searching for in Google. If I wanted to determine the viability of any niche, one of the first things I do is conduct keyword research to see exactly what information people are looking for and then try and see if I can provide that information to them.

The sign of a good affiliate marketer is to maintain the mindset of helping people find information, rather than focusing on how to make money from these people. There are plenty of people searching for information that can be addressed through a recommendation of a good supplement program or product.

Below is a list of some search terms that people are searching for associated with this industry.

Supplement Affiliate Marketing

As you can see from the above mentioned list, for example, 249 people per month search for the search phrase “best diet supplements for weight loss”. I can also see from this list that there are only 21 competing websites targeting this exact keyword phrase, and then it has an SEO score of 96, indicating that this would be a very easy keyword phrase to rank for in the search engines provided a website owner provides valuable content and writes in such a way as to optimize their article for that particular keyword.

It should be noted that this list is just a small fragment of what can arise from good long-tailed keyword research. There are hundreds of these keywords available. Keyword phrases ranging from protein builders, weight gain, weight loss, ab reduction, body fat reduction, the list goes on and on.

The type of keyword research is not difficult to do with the proper training. In fact, it is the easiest, best and most ethical way to earn income online through affiliate marketing.

So, how does one know if the number or what I refer to as metrics, is a good ranking indicator: Well let me give you a quick run down of what the columns above mean. The first column, of course indicates the search phrase that is typed into the search engines by our potential customers.

The second column represents the average number of searches performed monthly in the search engines for that exact search phrase. The third column, Traffic, indicates how many of those searches would be from your particular website, if you were on the first page of Google for that search phrases.

The next column QSR (Quoted Search Results) represents the number of competing website trying to rank for that same keyword phrase. KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) represents the number of competing websites.

The ideal metrics that will ensure the easiness of ranking for that keyword phrase would be to try for a search volume of 50 or above, a QSR of less than 100 and a KQI of “great”. As you can see from these results, there are plenty of keywords that meet these criteria. There are literally hundreds of more phrases you can try with this search tool indication that this industry is indeed a viable niche to get into.

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Supplement Affiliate Marketing & 3 Top Programs to Join

What Are The Best Supplement Affiliate Marketing Programs?

When one starts to really dive into this niche, you will soon discover there are a lot of people who are deficient in certain vitamins and supplements that they may not even be aware of them. For example, Vitamin D3 and the B complex vitamins are to name just a few. It is a matter of education people and, most importantly, provide information that they have already been researching on to answer and provide value to them.

Here are 3 great supplement affiliate programs to help you get started with. Just keep in mind there are thousands more, which is not a bad thing. Don’t let this number overwhelm you, it just means that supplement affiliate marketing is a viable and solid business that you can build to earn income for years to come.

Tropical Oasis

Supplement Affiliate Marketing

Oasis specializes in a variety of liquid vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Their product line covers vitamins for adults, kids, pets and even specialized vitamins for athletes.

Tropical Oasis a very popular supplements company and specializes in liquid vitamins, minerals and supplements. This is because liquid vitamins have up to a 96% absorption rate compared to 18% for pills. Their liquid vitamins are some most effective and healthy vitamins you can find. Their ingredients include calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin B Complex, vitamin D, liquid glucosamine, trace minerals, acai vitamins and antioxidants that promote energy, heart health and act as a fat burner.

Their average order value is
$100 with a less than 2% return rate. Tropical Oasis uses the ShareASale network to
manage their affiliate program. They provide access to over 20 banner
ads, text links, their data feed, and tracking tools. Their in-house
management text is available for registration, product links, and
content creation.


Supplement Affiliate Marketing

    • URL –

You can apply with CJ here: CJ Affiliate Sign Up.

You can apply with ShareASale here: ShareASale Affiliate Sign Up.

  • Commission rate: 10%
  • Payouts: monthly

A1Supplements has a huge product line. In fact, they have thousands of products and promotions are happening every day. So, when you become an affiliate A1Supplements allows you to earn money by taking advantage of those deals and offers.

A1Supplements has partnered with both CJ and ShareASale who administer their affiliate promotions. They provide real-time tracking and affiliate reporting. You will have to go through an approval process, which would include you having to provide a website that is relevant to the supplement niche. Once you are approved, which will be within 72 hours, CJ and ShareASale with provide online tools to help optimize your efforts.

These tools include banners, text links to use on your website or social media posts. They have their own unique ID that measures how much traffic that you drive to their store. A1Supplements offer a 10% commission rate with no maximums and payout commissions on a monthly basis.

Another nice attribute about their affiliate program is that as an affiliate, you are allowed to promote any offer that you can find on their sales and special deals page, and they have hundreds of deals on their supplement line and they add these daily. These include bonuses, coupons and other special deals.

New Vitality

Supplement Affiliate Marketing

New Vitality provides nutritional supplements and skin care products. They were established in 1993, and take the safeguarding of health, and improving appearance very seriously.

The New Vitality affiliate program is administered by Pepperjam which provides the support needed to promote their products effectively. They have been working with affiliate marketers for over 10 years and provides services such as:

  • Dedicated affiliate managersSupplement Affiliate Marketing
  • phone and email support
  • exclusive offers to provide for your customers
  • Custom display ads
  • the possibility of commission increases for select affiliates
  • code-based affiliate tracking
  • more

The New Vitality affiliate program may be more for advanced affiliate marketers. In other words, if you already have an established supplement affiliate site that has some authority, you can do really well with this program. This, of course comes from experience and great affiliate marketing training.

This brings us to the next section of this article. Is there good training available in the supplement affiliate marketing niche?

Is There Good Training Available For This Niche?

As a rule of thumb most affiliate marketing companies provide affiliate resources such as link tracking, banners, text links and other types of ad copy. But, they generally don’t provide affiliate marketing training. This is evidenced by the fact that most of these companies, have an approval process in place.

The reason for this approval process is that they want to make sure you have the necessary experience and training or an established website, or in some cases a large social media following. The point being, affiliate marketing training does not come from the affiliate program itself. If you are interested in learning how to become an effective affiliate marketer you have to learn the trade just like any other worthy en devour.

No need to worry, this website has you covered in this area. I have provided a free affiliate marketing training that will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful affiliate marketer in, not only the supplement niche, but in any niche. In fact, this training will even show you how to select a good profitable niche, in addition to providing you with a free hosted website to follow along in the training with. This can easily be accomplished in 4 simple steps.


So, as you can see, supplement affiliate marketing is certainly a viable niche to get into. As the baby boomer generation continues to concern themselves with staying healthy, getting the right nutrition and supplementing a good diet, the industry can only continue to grow and provide great opportunities through these different affiliate programs.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate in this particular industry, we highly recommend creating a niche website that is relevant to this marketing and provide valuable information to the people who are already looking for this information.

People continue to search in Google and the other search engines specifically for information pertaining to dietary supplements and natural ways to increase their overall health and fitness. This is shown in our keyword lists above, and believe me there are many more great keywords to choose from, we have only scratched the surface of what is available.

Should you have any questions regarding this niche or in affiliate marketing in general, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to answer you. Or, if you simply have an experience in the industry you would like to share, feel free to comment as well.

12 thoughts on “Supplement Affiliate Marketing & 3 Top Programs to Join”

  1. Nice review. Supplements are a huge industry today. I believe in treating things the natural ways. Medications just mask the issues. I take many supplements and they help me tremendously. What are your thoughts on supplements for blood sugar control? I’d like to know. I’ll be returning. Take care.

    • Thanks for visiting my site Rob. I also believe in treating things the natural way. Some medications are necessary, but for the most part, the natural alternative is the preferred method. I take them and they help me as well. I take brain vitamins as well as B complex vitamins which is much better that loads of coffee. I do think supplements for blood sugar control are good, however, I do think a doctor needs to be involved with this decision as well. Another great thing about supplements is promoting them on your website. Supplement Affiliate Marketing is an amazing opportunity to provide others for alternative remedies for their ailments.

  2. An interesting niche to get involved in. I see a lot of potential. In general it’s product based, but you can also do a lot of general health posts. The most important part is to keep things real and give the people legit information and not just try to sell stuff to them (curing people vs making them customers). The n1 idea behind the site is that it’s made to help the people, and this niche is completely based on that. The evergreen constant emotional need for help is there so I can see you getting something going on long-term.

    • Hi Faheem, thanks for visiting my site. Yes, I totally agree with you regarding the idea of helping people. This follows one of the main affiliate marketing ethical idea of relevency. When we focus on helping the people who are searching for certain information, and properly provide that information, we are being relevant. Not only does the people searching like the results, but so does Google, because Google like relevency as well. It is a win win. 

  3. What an interesting article on a subject that, if I am honest has never crossed my mind  Yes I do affiliate marketing, was once offered access to a health product, but on investigation it turned out to be Multi Level Marketing, which is just not for me, and yes I have tried it.

    Back to the article well written some excellent detail of how this niche was arrived at, also the many different products which are available.  With a little thought should have realised just how huge this market is, so it would be worth a serious look at, if you were able to refer your list to it.

    Many thanks for such an interesting and thought provoking article.


    • Thank you Stuart for the nice words. Yes, this is a huge market. There are enough genuine affiliate marketing companies that provide supplements that there is really no need to get involved in the Multi level aspect of it. Most of the MLM’s will take a good product and raise the price so that the “levels” can get paid. They end up with overpriced products as compared to a good aupplement affilaite marketing program.

  4. Excellent article and I really enjoyed reading through. Firstly, this is a great niche with a broad and untapped fully potentials. One should definitely make the best possible use of this supplement niche but how do one provide meaningful contents consistently for the supplement niche. Since it’s just supplements, won’t it be redundant to just be having a review of most of the supplements?

    • Hi RoDarrick, actually there are more subjects to cover other than reviews. One could talk about the benefits of a particular supplement or the benefits of an ingredient in a supplement from a health and wellness aspect and then point internally link to a product review. Or, they can do “best of” posts for certain types of supplement affiliate marketing programs. 

  5. I have found your website to be very helpful in planning a trip to “Supplement Affiliate Marketing.” The experience written here reminded me of how enjoyable it was to teach me. This is really a very profitable industry and we should take advantage of. We are aware that Google is very careful with health-related website IE you are very difficult to rank today in health industry except you are an authority, Now I have found a well organized, honest and supportive information. should we still build blogs in health niches?

    What a well-written topic! Enjoyed the read – thank you!!

    • Thanks for visiting my site. To answer your question, yes, I think people should blog within the health niche. There is a lot to write about in this industry and there are a lot of sub-niches within health and fitness that people are looking for. I do have a health related website that does quite well, so I have not found it difficult to rank good content. This is because I have learned to do good keyword research and write about what people are searching for.Jaaxy is an awesome keyword research tool that I use consistently and find if very easy to rank for good search terms. 

  6. Hi Ralph, very informative and helpful article. This is really a very profitable industry and we should take advantage of. I want to ask one thing regarding this industry. We are aware that Google is very careful with health-related websites IE you are very difficult to rank today in health industry except you are an authority, what do you think about that? Should we still build blogs in health niches?

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for visiting my site. Yes, I do believe we should continue to build websites in the health industry because of the many sub-niches that it offers. I have a health related website that ranks well with Google, do I am not sure I agree with your assessment. The only thing I notice is Google doesn’t necessarily like glorified weight loss claims. But, if you are providing good solid information with long tailed keywords you’ll do fine


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