Is Conversion Pros A Scam? – The Conversion Pros Review

With the recent events concerning Digital Altitude and now MOBE, the questions concerning the legitimacy of work at home products become more and more relevant each day. So the question “is Conversion Pros a scam”? is not an unreasonable question to ask at all.

If you haven’t heard, the FTC has just recently declared MOBE a scam, and not too long ago, Digital Altitude has undergone similar investigations as well.

In The Conversion Pros Review, I will not only answer the question above, but I will dig deep into the program to give you a clear picture of what to expect from this program and the products and services it offers. I do have firsthand information about the program, since I was a product of the product,  so to speak.

This review was not written with the intentions of selling the products and services of The Conversion Pros, or to get you to become an affiliate. This is a fact based review. That being said, let’s take a detailed look into this program.

The Conversion Pros Review Summary

Name: The Conversion ProsIs Conversion Pros A Scam - The Coversion Pros Review


Price: Free for the first 14 days, then $50/month,

or $500/year, or $250/6 months

Owner: David Dubbs

Products and/or Services: 98 out of 100

Tools: 98 out of 100

Training: 80 out of 100

Support: 80 out of 100

Community: 95 out of 100

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Summary:  In general, The Conversion Pros offers an excellent tool suite and great training for the more experienced marketer. If you are a selling affiliate products,  and/or are an experienced Network Marketer, then be prepared to gather some great strategic training that has the potential to take your business to the next level. David Dubbs shows you some great strategies that combine the page builder, the awesome new phone App,  with some of the other tools in a way that has the potential to out do your competition.

If you are not an experienced affiliate marketer and are someone who is wanting to learn how to sell affiliate products and earn an extra income online, then this program is most likely not for you. It is really more geared toward the experienced affiliate and/or network marketer who wants to use the tools that The Conversion Pros has to offer.

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Is Conversion Pros A Scam? – The Conversion Pros Review

The Conversion Pros Product Overview

So, what exactly is The Conversion Pros?

The conversion Pros is really a tool suite and lead vendor for network and affiliate marketers’. The tool suite includes the main landing page builder in addition to the rest of the tool’s they offer.

The Conversion Pros (TCP) also offers work from home leads as well as weight loss leads at cost (supposedly), if you are a paid member.

The main appeal for the landing page creator is that you can create custom landing pages on the fly. So, if you promote multiple products, for example, you can customize the page to reflect the product and even the ads you create. This is a pretty good advantage to have since most PPC company’s give you a higher quality score to your ads based on relevancy.

In addition to the tool’s and leads, there is an affiliate program associated with TCP which offers 50% commission. So, if you sign up two members, your membership is free as long as the members remain active. The company claims they are not MLM, since there is no payment structure below your first level.

Is Conversion Pros A Scam - The Conversion Pros Review

The Conversion Pros Tools & Training

The tool’s suite provided by The Conversion Pros is a pretty impressive array of marketing tool’s each of which provides step by step training. Below is a snap shot of the tool’s TCP offers:

Is Conversion Pros A Scam - The Conversion Pros Review

The two tools that stands out for me the most is the customized landing page builder and the CRM App (Phone App). I will cover the CRM App in a separate section because it deserves special consideration. This technology will take an experienced marketing and totally take them to the next level all by itself.

Landing Page Builder

The customized landing page builder is extremely quick and easy to use and is designed to create pages on the fly. Not only is the step by step training easy to follow, but the owner provides good webinar training that shows you some application of these pages. He goes through great lengths to show you how some tool’s can be used together to create successful marketing campaigns.

Landing Page Builder for - is conversion pros a scam - The Conversion Pros Review

For example, he shows how you can create a few different landing pages and use the URL rotator to test which page converts the best so you can scale your business up once you find the highest converting page. Plus, the pages you create are customized, so they don’t look like all of the rest if you are promoting a well-known Network Marketing company for example.

This gives you an edge on your competition. While other members are promoting the well-known duplicate pages everyone else sees, you can promote custom pages, test for conversion, and get a leg up on your competition. The owners show several strategies using these tool’s to give you more and more ideas of how to better promote whatever primary business you are promoting.

CRM App (Phone App)

This is simply one of the best tools or features I have seen in a long time from any affiliate marketing program. In fact, it is one of the reasons I rated the tools section so favorably in The Conversion Pros Review.

So, baically how it works is this:

  • You download the app to your phone
  • You build a page from the page builder
  • Create a form on your page (always include a phone number)
  • You get instant notification that you have received a lead from your phone
  • You are given total contact information of everyone who has filled out the form

CRM App for - Is Conversion Pros a scam - The Conversion Pros Review

This works whether you are promoting The Conversion Pros Affiliate program, or your own primary business. For Network Marketers or even local businesses, this is a huge advantage.

Imagine if you created a webpage for a local client who is advertising on Craigslist and they use the page builder to capture a phone number and email and a name. Now, when someone goes to their page on Craiglist, they instantly get a phone notification that they have someone on their website.

Phone App for _ is conversion pros a scam - The Conversion Pros Review

This gives them the opportunity to either text, call or email that potential client. This local business can be any business. Realesate, car detailing companies, mortgate brokers, hair sytlling companies, you name it.

The potential here for Network Marketing companies is absolutely amazing.

Who is The Conversion Pros For?

The Conversion Pros tool’s are primarily for two types of marketers’. Network Marketers and affiliate marketers’.

For the Network Marketer, TCP offers a never ending supply of leads, and, depending on the marketers’ strategy, these leads can be used to build an email list through the landing page and auto-responder, or they can simply be downloaded the to a file to be called at a later time. Diet leads can also be purchased for the Network Marketer who is in that particular niche.

For the affiliate marketer, TCP offers a way to create great landing pages quickly and easily to match whatever affiliate marketing product or service you want to create a campaign for. This allows you to capture email addresses so you can email affiliate offers to your prospects. You can redirect the prospect to your blog or sales page that you can also create from the tool’s offered by TCP.

If you do not have your own product, or you are not into selling other peoples products through affiliate marketing, TCP offers an affiliate program where you can use the tool’s provided promoting TCP itself. They even have a training program that shows you how to use their lead program to sell the TCP affiliate program. This is where I believe the training program falls a little short.

To get the complete Conversion Pros Review and what you can do with it, watch the video webinar below.


The Conversion Pros does have a support function on their website if you have a problem such as a billing issue or a website issue. There is not really a community support section on their website. They do have a Facebook group run by the company, however, the latest activity as of the date of this review is about a month old.

The latest entry on the Facebook support group mentioned whether someone thought that the leads were any good. According to the post, the affiliate purchased 50 leads and three people had signed up for his primary business. He attributed that to the fact that his leads were hooked up to his autoresponder. So, in his opinion, the leads were good.

The only other recent update on the Facebook group was an update for the latest GDPR update. So, based on my review of the Facebook group, I would have to say that the Facebook support is not that active. They do, however, have a chat area on their Facebook group for questions that can be answered within a 24 hour period.

Overall, I would say that TCP support is about average. It is certainly not at the level of this awesome affiliate marketing community.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons for - Is Conversion Pros a Scam - The Conversion Pros Review

In this section I would like to discuss the pros and cons of The Conversion Pros. Every business has some pros and some cons, so let’s discuss these in detail. We want to keep in mind the intent of the program. Remember, TCP is a tool suite and lead vendor for Network and affiliate marketers’. It does have an affiliate program, but this is not its only focus.

The owner of the program believes this platform is to help marketers’ by giving them the tool’s and training to help them succeed in their own business, or if they don’t have one, to use the tool’s and training promoting TCP itself.


Pro 1: The Landing Page creator is top-notch quality. It is extremely easy to use with its drag and drop features which allows one to create a very high quality landing page within minutes.

Pro 2: The CRM App and Phone App are absolutely awesome!

Pro 3: There are good testimonies stating that the leads offered to paying members are of high quality and can be delivered directly to the auto-responder tool for prospect follow-up

Pro 4: Good training if you are already at the intermediate to advanced level of internet marketing. I believe that the training is great if you already know the basics of affiliate marketing and are looking for interesting strategies that you may not have tried before.


Con 1: The training is not conducive to the beginning affiliate marketer who want to learn how to sell affiliate products. It is better for people who are already succeeding and want to go to the next level in their marketing efforts. Plus it is somewhat disorganized in the back office.

Con 2: The support system is good for billing and other technical issues, but lacks a little in the area of community support.  Most of this comes from the owner himself.


My Final Opinion of The Conversion Pros

As mentioned before, I really like the landing page creator as an affiliate marketer who has experience in affiliate marketing. It allows you to create an awesome landing page on the fly for what ever affiliate product you want promoting.

I also find that that the CRM and Phone App is an awesome tool that has many useful features for online, offline, affilaite, and Network Marketing businesses.

If you are an affiliate marketer who likes to sell Clickbank products, for example, you can create a quick and easy landing page for a multitude of products quickly and easily. You can create multiple campaigns and then test those campaigns quickly and easily and have the information readily available to improve your conversions. This would give the affiliate a great advantage in that sense.

Plus if you are a Network Marketer and you wanted to test out different campaigns for building a team or even selling a retail product that your Network Marketing company has to offer, this would be an awesome platform to use. Plus you can utilize the leads to build your Network Marketing business.

However, if you are new to affiliate marketing, the training provided will most likely be a little too advanced for you if you want to simply learn how to make an income online with internet marketing.

So, to answer the original question, Is Conversion Pros A Scam, in the Conversion Pros Review? I would have to say no. Conversion Pros is not a scam. It is a legit business.


Is Conversion Pros A Scam?

The Conversion Pros

$50 per month

Products and Services











  • landing page creator top notch
  • CRM and Phone App - Awesome!
  • High Quality Leads
  • Good Training for experienced Marketers


  • Training is not for beginners
  • Lacks community support

12 thoughts on “Is Conversion Pros A Scam? – The Conversion Pros Review”

    • Thanks for the feedback Faith. Yes, The Conversion Pros has a much better value for what you get. A much better value than Clickfunnels at twice the price.

  1. From visitor to a customer the CRM and tool suite looks amazing and the tools separately can cost well over $200 a month so the pricing is definitely cool. I have seen several programs charging two to 4 times the price for half the tools and shotty training on how to use them.

    • Hi Andy, thanks for the feedback. Yes, I totally agree. Programs like Clickfunnels, for example, cost way more and actually don’t provide the CRM feature. What is really cool is that your leads go directly to you giving you the ability to text, phone, or email your prospects. Without the extra cost of purchasing text messaging features that other company’s offer.

  2. Hallo there,

    I am looking for a good program that can help me get started with affiliate marketing as I have heard it works and pays very well.

    I see that conversion pros is a famine for newbies like me. Is the other program you recommend below the post good for newbies?

    • Hi Dave, thanks for stopping by. Yes, The Conversion Pros is not that great for newbies, plus it is geared more toward the Network Marketer. If you are interested in getting started with Affiliate Marketing, the program I highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. You can get started for Free by clicking HERE and get started on lesson one of the training. 

    • Hey Thanks so much Joseph. Yes, pros and cons of any program is worth knowing before just diving into a product. It is good to do our due diligence.

  3. Hi and thanks for this information.
    I watched some parts of the video and must say, if conversions pro wasn’t that expensive I would join right away.

    I already have a working affiliate website and the whole squeeze, landing page creation takes quite some time when I do it on my autoresponder program.

    Ok, these pre-built landing pages are very small, no program details, not much information, I think that would have to be edited too.

    But the easy integration process and the sales funnel integration is interesting.

    • Thanks for the feedback Stefan. Yes, there is some editing that would have to be done. You can increase the size of the pages as well. There is a lot of editing capacity available in the editor. And yes, the integration process and the sales funnel integration is really the best part of the program. I do have to agree though, it is a bit pricey.


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