What is Now Lifestyle? Is it Legit, or is it a Scam?

This is certainly a valid question since there is a huge amount of information regarding the opportunity Now Lifestyle. Unless you have been living under a rock you have most likely heard of this company by now. So, what is Now Lifestyle? Is it a legitimate business opportunity, does it have decent products and services, or is it a complete scam?

In this post I will try to answer these questions in great detail. I will give you as much information about the products and services available, the owner of the company, as well as the opportunity itself. This review will cover as much detail as possible so that one can have All the necessary information to make an informed decision whether it is worthwhile to try either one of their products and services or the opportunity it offers as a business.

I would like to start off by saying that as a business opportunity, Now Lifestyle follows the path of a “funnel first” list building strategy, as apposed to the “content first” list building strategy. It teaches the strategies within that particular business model. If you want to know more about these two types of strategies and the differences between them, feel free to read my article entitled “best email marketing strategies” here.

Now Lifestyle Review Summary

Name: Now LifestyleWhat is Now Lifestyle
Website: www.nowlifestyle.com

Price: Free Membership (FREE, Sign Up Here),

Re seller ($49 per month), (various other upgrades)

Owner: Joel Therien

Products and/or Services: 98 out of 100

Training: 98 out of 5.0

Support: 98 out of 100

Community: 95 out of 100

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

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What is Now Lifestyle? Is it Legit, or is it a Scam?

What is Now Lifestyle? Product and Opportunity Overview

Now Lifestyle is a unique business opportunity in that they are not really a true MLM nor are they just an affiliate marketing company either. They are actually a hybrid of both. In fact, they are a hybrid in two different ways, let me try to explain.

In the first type of hybrid, Now Lifestyle combines an MLM like pay structures, similar to more traditional MLM’s like what you would see in my Princess House MLM Review. But, they include a variety of affiliate products that can stand on their own right. This makes it unlike a lot of other MLM types of opportunities. The advantage of this is that it doesn’t fall under the realms of a ponzi like system. This is very important from an industry standpoint, especially when we here of companies like Digital Altitude getting investigated by the FTC and other companies who are constantly under scrutiny of the SEC (Security Exchange Commission). These agencies try to pinpoint companies that can only survive by recruiting new members into the system, and have no REAL product or service to sell, which really is what a Ponzi scheme is.

With Now Lifestyle, it is different because they have products that sell for their product benefit, which is geared toward the health and fitness industry, in addition to offering up to 90% affiliate commissions for recruiting and additional affiliate commissions for selling the products themselves. We will cover the details of the compensation plan in another section.

This brings us into the second type of hybrid. Now Lifestyle bridges together two types of products or goods to the table,

  • Physical products, and
  • digital products.

Physical products

Their physical products include a natural dietary fiber supplement known as Eliminate, Whey protein powder (comes in two flavors) and an energy booster supplement known as Elevate. The interesting thing about these physical products is that they are priced very competitively, which is unlike many other MLM’s in similar industry’s that over inflate their prices to pay their affiliates. Now Lifestyle does not charge more than regular retailers of similar products. So, it would make sense for someone to order products without being involved in the opportunity itself. This adds value and overall integrity of the company.
For more detail on the physical products watch the video below:

Digital Products

Now Lifestyle offers a variety of digital products or what is referred to as digital goods to its affiliates. In this summary we will cover what is included in the standard re seller package ($49/month), they include:

  • the 7-minute workout exercise routine and personalized diet plan for up to 5 members
  • A fully functional auto-responder that allows up to 50,000 subscribers
  • a variety of capture pages and marketing funnels for products and re seller program (new funnels come out regularly for variety)
  • A fairly good internet marketing training program (from top leaders)

Now Lifestyles digital products include an autoresponder known as Send Shark, pre-built funnel pages for marketing their physical and digital products and a host of internet marketing training.

Pros and Cons for - What is Now Lifestyle

Pros and Cons

As with any product or program there are always some pros and cons to discuss. I will try to list these, although they are not in any particular order. As with any marketing endeavor, one should note that you get out of a company what you put into it. I am not a big fan of so called, “push the easy button” when it comes to marketing online. This is the WORK AT HOME industry. It is called WORK for a reason. Notice how it is not called “do nothing at home” industry.

I only say this because I have been in this industry a long time and I still find people who think that they should get paid to simply do not much of anything. I realize there is plenty of hype in this industry, but one should be smart enough to realize it does require hard work and, most of all, consistent work for one to be successful at anything worthwhile in life.


In general Now Lifestyle is a sound company and provides value to its customers and affiliates. The owner has a passion for what he does and he does seem to truly believe in his company and the value that they offer.

Pro 1 :

There is a good solid product line that is not overpriced and offers good value to its customers.

Pro 2 :

As with all of Joel Theriens companies, there is very good support and they offer a live chat system along with a ticket support system.

Pro 3 :

Although there is a high ticket product available, the company doesn’t penalize you for not “going all in” like many other companies do


The only reason I even list cons for Now Lifestyle is that they teach and embrace a “funnel first” strategy to list building. As many of you who follow my blog, I am not a big fan of the funnel first strategy. I believe one needs to add valuable content before trying to sell a product or service. But, as far as these types of programs go,

That being said, Now Lifestyle is one of the best companies I know of that use this business model, and, just keep in mind, many companies use this “funnel first” strategy. It’s just that Now Lifestyle (NLS) is one of the best one out there, in my opinion.

Con 1:

NLS teaches the “funnel first” strategy of list building

Con 2:

Because they use the “funnel first” strategy, the opportunity end of the program requires a lot of traffic to enroll affiliates to join. Many free members join, but you do not make money from free members joining. Only a small percentage will upgrade to the re seller level.

Now Lifestyle, the owner What is Now Lifestyle - the owner

It would be more appropriate to discuss the owner of NLS, Joel Therien, before discussing the details of the products and services. This is because it is his history, passion and background that has led to the products and services offered at NLS. As many of you may know, Joel Therien is also the owner of the well-known hosting company GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities).

Joel is very well-known in the Network Marketing/internet marketing space. GVO has been around for over 15 years and is the hosting choice of many well-known top internet marketers.

The best way I know of to help you understand his story and mission is to let you see him in action. Yes, that is right through the awesome technology of video. Watch the video below to get the details of his story and mission with Now Lifestyle:

Now Lifestyle, Details of the Standard Products and/or Services

We covered the general overview of the products and services of Now Lifestyle above, but I would like to get into more detail in this section.

As we mentioned before, NLS is a hybrid in that there are really two sides to the business. Even when you log in to the back office, on the dashboard, you see a health section and a business section. This allows the affiliate to either focus on selling and earning commissions from the health and fitness products to people in the health niche, or to focus on selling internet marketing products and the business opportunity to people who are more interested in the make money online niche.

This adds total diversity to the affiliate marketer.

So, what is the product or service being offered at NLS?

Well, in general, they are products that help with obesity and diabetes. The product line includes a health supplement line of physical products that include:

Whey Protein:

What is Now LIfestyle_Whey Protein

Eliminate Natural Fiber:

What is Now Lifestyle_Natural Fiber

Elevate Energy Booster:

What is Now LIfestyle_Elevate

So, what is the price point for these physical products?

For a months supply of all of these supplements, you are looking at about $150. If you are familiar with these types of products or have been to retail stores that sell such products, or even Amazon.com, you will find that they are fairly priced, which is not the norm for typical MLM companies that over inflate their prices so that they can pay their affiliates commission.

Now the other products offered within the health side of things include an exercise program that claims to drop the pounds and promote overall health and well-being is what is known as the “7-minute workout”

This workout routine includes the principle of working out 7 minutes a day, three days a week in a ten-day cycle and then you repeat. It is essentially 1 day on, 1 day off and then repeat the process. You will also get an individual meal plan and exercise routine based on your personal profile for up to 5 members of your choosing for the price of $50 a month.

See How I Earn An Online Income Using My Simple 4 Step Formula
What is Now Lifestyle? Is it Legit, or is it a Scam?

Top Tier Products

I found it necessary to add a separate title for the top tier products offered at NLS. These products off huge value as well as provide a way for experienced marketers to earn top tier commissions. Many top marketers want to market in the top tier internet marketing niche because it offers very high commissions. The idea is that if you are going to use paid traffic, you may as well make high commission per sale. Below is a list of NLS’s top tier product line with details in the following images.

As you can see, there are a plethora of top tier products to choose from. If you were to purchase all of these separately it would be way more expensive then if you were to purchase them together in one package. Yes, of course, NLS offers all of these top tier products together into what is called the Masters Package:

This masters package can run anywhere from $1000 to $1500 depending on whether they are having a special or not. NLS is a fairly new company, so I imagine the price will settle out at around the $2000 price at some point. This masters package includes all the top tier products you see listed above and is contained within what is called NLS university.
The price point may seem high, but upon a lot of research, I realized that this could be considered a good price if you compare it to a college education. There are many affiliates who generate yearly incomes in the six figures so, it could perhaps be considered a career level education.

Plus keep in mind there is a demand from experienced marketers for companies like NLS to offer these types of top tier products so that an affiliate has the opportunity to earn high commissions.

Now Lifestyle, Details of the Opportunity

Now that we have discussed the product side of things, let’s discuss the business opportunity.

One of the things I really like about Now Lifestyle is that it is a rather simple business to promote. Plus it comes with all the tools you need to promote it with. Unlike a lot of other business models that use the “funnel first” strategy, NLS gives you all the funnels, capture pages and, of course, an awesome auto-responder that you need to efficiently promote the opportunity with.

What is Now Lifetyle

What’s more exciting is that the pages change all the time, so that you are not promoting the same pages as all the other affiliates. Many top marketers in other companies create their own pages and funnels using expensive software leaving the newbie stuck promoting replicated company pages, therefore, not obtaining the success of the experienced marketers.

This is not the case with NLS. Plus the funnels they continue to create, are created by top marketers and are of the caliber that convert. Which is what is needed if you are going to utilize this strategy of list building. This is one program that can certainly help one build an email marketing list very quickly indeed and recently Joel has partnered with another list building program that you can read about in my List Leverage review here.

As mentioned before, an affiliate can earn commission from selling the physical products when one of their members orders a product from within their back office. The idea here is that if someone is going to order supplements anyways, why not order from their own business, right? When they do that, their sponsor receives the commissions. Plus, their sponsor also receives P of your membership fee (for the re seller package, that would be $25/month residual income).

In addition to this commission, an affiliate can receive a downline commission that goes down many levels. To get complete details of the compensation plan, what the video below.

There is also a top tier product line that is offered at NLS. It allows the affiliate to receive larger commissions if they are a re seller of these top tier products. This allows one to receive $500 to $750 per sale. Details of this can be found by viewing the image below:

Who is Now Lifestyle for?

This can be a very interesting question indeed. As mentioned several times, Now Lifestyle is really a hybrid type of business in that it appeal to two different niche markets.

  • Health and Fitness
  • Make money at home

That being said, NLS is for people who are interested in losing weight, improving their overall health and fitness, lowering their risk of getting diabetes and a host of other health and fitness benefits.

NLS is also for people who are interested in making an income from home. It provides a “business in a box” type of program that includes all the standard list building tools necessary to grow an email marketing list that is so crucial to working this type of business model.

NLS is also for the experienced marketer who is looking for a business that has an established business owner who has proven to operate a legitimate work from home business and is interested in building a profitable email list to market to.

My Final Opinion of Now Lifestyle

Overall I believe NLS is a sound home based business. It is owned by an experienced internet marketer and health and fitness trainer who has what it takes to provide the necessary resources for both the health and fitness niche as well as the work from home niche.

Joel Therien has a proven track record for paying affiliate commissions for the past two decades and runs one of the most recognized hosting companies in the industry. He is welled known amongst the industry and overall has a good reputation. I have no real negative things to say about NLS, except that I prefer the “content first” model to list building.

This does not mean, however, that a marketer cannot utilize the necessary skills to provide good content by running a good content based website and providing value and then promoting NLS as well. The company certainly has a good product line for both niche markets.

If you are interested in learning how to use this “content first” strategy for any business review this business model by reading my


What Is Now Lifestyle_ Legit

Now Lifestyle

Price Varies with up-sells










  • Sound Company
  • Good support / Live Chat
  • no penalty for not going "All In"


  • They teach the funnel first strategy

20 thoughts on “What is Now Lifestyle? Is it Legit, or is it a Scam?”

  1. Ralph,

    I hadn’t heard about Now Lifestyle. Of course, after years of scams, I really don’t pay a lot of attention to emails or ads offering anything even slightly approaching MLM status.

    It is interesting that they have this unique hybrid structure. It makes it more appealing to people like myself who got severely burned by MLMs in the late 80s and early 90s.

    It always surprised me how eager people are to buy higher-end products. I personally spend as little for what I need as I can get away with. Perhaps my “how much is that?” impulse is keeping me from accessing the possible income with these products.

    I have attempted the high-end sales. I suppose it was difficult for me to sell them because I honestly did not see the value in them. Looking over your post gives me some insight into why someone may prefer to put a lump sum on a product, particularly if it is an all-in-one solution for something they need/want.

    Thank you for the info,
    Gwendolyn J

    • Hi Gwendolyn,

      thanks for stopping by my website. I can relate to what you are saying, I too got burned by a few of the MLM’s you are speaking of. A few of the old timers, you might say. back in those days, you usually had to purchase a large package of the products in order to even become a distributor. This Usually meant purchasing the products and then also purchasing a kit of some sort. With Now Lifestyle is it is a little different, because you can become a reseller for a fairly low cost, under $20 per month. I remember the days of Herbalife, where I had to purchase a kit and the products for about $800, and then a monthly fee to keep the business active. Gone are those days, now that many of the good MLM’s utilizing the internet more and more and less on using the “no friends club” approach. 

  2. Great review Ralph,

    I know Joel Therien, I joined his Pure Leverage training before and I think he’s excellent and really dedicated into helping his affiliates work so you can bet that I got pretty excited when you wrote about Now Lifestyle. Totally agree of other MLM companies charging extraordinarily high but out of curiosity, how much does Elevate cost? 😀

    • Thanks Riaz, yes I know Joel as well. He is very passionate about this niche and really puts a lot of time and effort into Now Lifestyle. They have a huge gym and office in Texas and even invites his affilates to stop by and check out the full blown Gym and take a tour of the headquarters. As far as the price of Elevate, it is normally $69 for a bottle of 100 capsules. Right now it is on sale for $59. I am not sure how long the sale is for thought. 

  3. Hi Ralph. I enjoyed reading your post regarding the Now Lifestyle program.  I have never heard of this company before although I know there are many MLM company’s out there.  I appreciate the information regarding this company and some of the value and perks provided that you have outlined. I also tried working with an MLM company at one time but it was not online which would have been better.   I am also a Wealthy Affiliate along with you and I agree that joining WA is a great way to learn how to start an online affiliate marketing business and for that I will never look back.    Thank you for the information about Now Lifestyle, which is another way to make money.  

    • Thanks for the feedback. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn how to sell affiliate products online. One of the things I love about Affiliate Marketing is that typically you do not have to purchase the products to promote them. You simply need to have your own website and create good content and rank in the search engines to get constatn ongoing traffic. Which is easy to do with the Wealthy Affilaite training program. 

  4. Wow Ralph. I can honestly say that this is the first MLM company that I would actually consider joining. I am not a fan of Multi-Level Network Marketing companies for a variety of reasons. But after reading this review on Now Lifestyles I can see the various reasons I do not like MLM for are not present at NLS.

    I really like the pricing of both their physical and digital digital products, not really expensive at all. The fact that you can make money by just selling the product without having to recruit others into your downline is a BIG plus. Being able to earn from both a retail aspect and/or through the recruiting of others can help in getting people to join.

    But like you, I am not a fan of a funnel first strategy. Thankfully it is not required for every way one can earn money within NLS. This leads me to the following questions. Does Now Lifestyle require you to purchase a certain amount of products yourself before you can earn commissions? As for the digital products, do you have to own them before you can earn from them?

    Example. With many of the scam and even borderline scam programs you have to buy and own the high ticket courses before you can promote and make money from them. If I am only making money by promoting the supplements can I also make money from the Top Tier products should someone want to purchase one of them?

    Regardless of your answers, though I would like to know before deciding, I am already quite surprised and pleased at what I have learned here about Now Lifestyles. This is the first time in a long while that I am even excited by an MLM company. Thank you for this informative review and I look forward to your answers.  –  Robert

    • Hi Robert, these are great questions. First of all, as a reseller of Now Lifestyle, you can promote the digital products such as the auto-responder and the landing page creator. Plus, you can earn commissions on the physical products such as the supplements without actually owning them. 

      But as far as the high ticket digital products, you do have to own them. They do offer a “Masters Package” which allows you to sell All of the high ticket digital products at a discounted rate, but it does cost you just under $1000 to own that package. 

      A basic membership at Now Lifestyle does allow you access to the autoresponder, which is a great one by the way, the landing page creator and the 7 minute workout program for up to five members so you can invite family members to use the 7 minute workout to stay fit and healthy. This is really what the membership gives you access to. So, for a little less than $20 a month you get the 7 minute workout for five members, the autoresponder, and landing page creator and the ability to resell these products and sercices. 

  5. I’ve never heard about it, and it seems to be a shame. I’m going to sign up right away, and hope it gives me good opportunities to make some money. You know more people who already joined it recently? I would like to know their opinion too. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. 

    • Hi Emmanuel, yes I know quite a few people who have joined Now LIfestyle and belong to their large Facebook group. There are a huge number of testimonials on their Facebook page and several private Facebook groups are in existance. 

  6. Wow, I’ve never heard about this type of business.

    Well, I also searched for a lot of training which are called “Make Money Online Training” but this is a brand-new product.

    I know that health niche is the best 3 niche because all the people around the world are interested in diet and well-being.

    It sounds pretty good because I can start a health-related online business during learning affiliate marketing.

    Before I deep dive into this platform, I want to ask you something.

    – Do you enroll in this platform? Are you a member of this program?

    – How long does it take to sell your first product?

    – Do you think that the price of this product is reasonable?

    Thanks 🙂 

    • Hi Shawn, yes the health and fitness niche is huge and so is the “make money online” niche. Now Lifestyle is a hybrid of these two niches. To answer your questions, yes, I have enrolled in this platform and I do think that the price is very reasonable. As far as how long it takes to sell your first product really depends on the time and effort you put into it. 

  7. I have seen and heard of many mlm or affiliate programs however they are not like this. I have never heard of Now Lifestyle and im shocked now. One, you perfectly explained exactly what Now Lifestyle is about. Two you also was honest about every aspect of the company. I like the health aspect and business aspect of the business. The products and services also look like they can help anyone advance their to the next level with the products here. Thank you

  8. Believe it or not, I am one of the few people that had not heard of the Now Lifestyle program. I have been overseas for many years, so perhaps their reach has not arrived in the Middle East as of yet. I read with interest your review of their program, as it seems to have promise.

    The products themselves are sound and not overpriced. That is a good thing, it can be a hard sell when typical MLM products are priced at 3-4 x the market prices. As you say, this is not a typical MLM company, in that it is more of a hybrid. The training programs are quite expensive I think.

    The opportunity to earn the commissions from the training programs is quite good at the prices they are charging, and if the training is quality, will help the marketer improve their business using the training provided. Because the company has been around for a long time and has a good reputation, I agree with you that Now Lifestyle is worthy of consideration as a means to earn money from home. Thanks for the really thorough review and recommendation.

    • Thanks Dave. Yes, the advanced training is a bit high in price and I have not personnaly purchased them so I am not familiar with the details. I can only go by what I have been exposed to. I have heard though that the advanced training is worth the money by people I know that own them. But, I cannot personnaly attest to the quality of that training. The level of training that I have purchase is very much worth the cost. 

  9. I have heard about Now Lifestyle for a numerous times, however this is the first time I have learned about the funnel first strategy. It sounds interesting and honest in my own opinion because they forth handedly introduce the business platform of the product. I think there’s nothing wrong with that especially that Now has been in the marketing business for more than a decade. It’s an indication that the business is stable and trustworthy. Another thing that surprised me is the combination of MLM and affiliate marketing. I never knew that it’s possible to have both opportunities in one company. They also offer a considerable fair price for both products and program. What I like most about it is that Now lifestyle promotes wellness and healthy living which is necessary in these times. Thanks for explaining everything how Now Lifestyle works as a business. I think this gives  flexible ways to earn money. 

  10. I had not heard a lot about Now Lifestyle until now and I am always on the lookout for new helpful products so a post like this is helpful. Though I am not the biggest fan of MLMs, I’m glad to hear that Now Lifestyle is not like the typical MLM and has such a high rating. I like that fact that it has a free membership as this adds trust at the get-go. Eliminate looks like it is a pretty solid product for those who enjoy bodybuilding. It’s nice to be able to promote good products. I’m not the biggest fan of funnel first strategy, but all in all it looks like a nice product that I will share with friends, thank you.

  11. A very thorough review of Now Lifestyle, Ralph… it’s good to know that this is actually a legit program and not another one of the many scams that I have been seeing lately.

    Now Lifestyle is actually quite an interesting concept, with both the Health and fitness and make money online combination… I don’t recall seeing anything quite like this before.

    They certainly have a great range of products as well, but some I find a bit pricey… such as the $97 for How to create a lead magnet and it can definitely add up if you were to go “all in” as you say!

    A better option would be to get the Masters’ Package to get it all, but it still sounds a bit expensive to me.

    Worth a look, but I think there are better options available for a more reasonable price.


    • Hi John, yes you are right. I have not taken the “all in” package at Now Lifestyle for that very reason. I actually am using the product itself. In other words, I participate in the 7 minute workout and it make me feel great. The membership level I have allows me to have five family members use the workout system, which in itself is worth the membership fee. But, as you say, there are better options for the affiliate marketing training, such as wealthy affiliate. The value you get from that training is worth way more than the price you pay, even the free membership give you a huge amount of value.


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