The Niche Marketing Kit Review

There are many opportunities out there that promise to assure your success online if you purchase and use their internet marketing tools. One such opportunity that promises to deliver to you the “very best products from the most important and essential niches that will assure your online success” is the Niche Marketing Kit. In the Niche Marketing Kit review we are going to see if it delivers on its promise to help you make”next year your best year yet” or if it leaves you more confused than ever.

What is The Niche Marketing Kit

The Niche Marketing Kit is an internet marketing tool kit created by John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson that promises that you can get your hands on the BIGGEST and BEST Internet Marketing Complete Toolkit that they have ever released for a fraction of the original cost. According to the sales page, the toolkit contains the proven tools and strategies that they used throughout the year and contributed to their success.

The Niche Marketing Kit Review

Thornhill and Nicholson state that they have been evaluating the past year, what they did right and what they did wrong in their business and narrowed things down to 5 specific areas that they excelled in that helped them turn over more than a million dollars in sales throughout the year and decided to put these together and made the same exact tools, products and strategies available to give their customers the best possible start in 2020.

The 5 specific areas include:

  • Traffic Generation
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • List Buiding
  • Social Media

It turns out that they do this promotion every year and simply update their process for the next year.

The Niche Marketing Kit Buying Process

The sales page for The Niche Marketing Kit is similar to many other products in this niche. It introduces you to a limited time special offer to get your hands on the biggest and best internet marketing complete toolkit that they have ever released for a fraction of the original cost. It also claims that if you purchase the product, you will have all that is necessary to have online success for the New Year. The proven tools and strategies that they have used to earn millions of dollars on the internet.

The Niche Marketing Kit Review

One thing that I do like about the sales page is that it does tell you exactly what you get for the cost of $19.95. It is nice to see that the Niche Marketing Kit has a crystal clear sales page and doesn’t leave you feeling like you have no idea what you are purchasing.

Once you have made your purchase, you are then taken into the purchase funnel for the Niche Marketing Kit. The purchase funnel has 3 upsells and 2 downsells.

Upsell #1

For $99 you get the 99 PLR Product Packages Special Offer – This is a Prival Label Rights (PLR) to 99 ready-made products packages that they claim sell excellent for them. If you decide to pass on this offer you will then be taken to Downsell #1 mentioned in detail below.

Downsell #1

For $25 you get 25 PLR Product Packages Special Offer – This includes Private Label Rights (PLR) to 25 ready-made product packages that they also claim continuously sells excellent for them.

Upsell #2

For $99 you get the 99 Premier Websites Special Offer – This includes 99 targeted websites that they claim sells regularly for them, even very well at double the cost they are offering here. If you decide to pass on this offer you will then be taken to downsell #2 mentioned below in detail.

Downsell #2

For $25 you get 25 Premier Websites Special Offer – This includes 25 targeted websites that they also claim sells regularly for them very well at double the cost they are offering here.

Upsell #3

For $9.95 a month you get PLR Monthly And Store Builder Monthly Combined – This package includes 2 of their best-selling monthly products for the price of one, which include Monthly PLR Products and Monthly Niche Targeted Websites. They claim these to be proven products that regularly sell like hot cakes at double the cost they offer here.

If you say no to the third upsell you are then taken to the original product that costs $19.95.

The Niche Marketing Kit Review

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The Niche Marketing Kit Review

Pros and Cons of The Niche Marketing Kit


  • You are told exactly what you get on the sales page – For each of the 5 specific areas they include a detailed description of each of the products they offer in the category. Plus they do not promise you will make a ton of money using the tools, so there really is not a huge amount of hype like other products in this niche.
  • For $19.95 you are offered quite a few products – in each of the 5 specific areas. So you do get quite a bit of products for the price without having to take the upsells. This is much better than other similar products where you have to take the upsells in order to get good value.
  • They reciprocate for affiliate sales – When you sell their products as an affiliate they reciprocate by promoting other products that you own for you. In other words they send you traffic to other affiliate products that you may already own, even if it is not their products. They promote for you.


  • Quality of the products are not that great – This includes the upsells. After taking a real good look at their products, they seem to be similar to free bonuses I have seen from other products in the same niche. Many of the PLR products you get for free are very similar to the products you pay for in the Niche Marketing Kit.
  • The Products are mostly PLR – As an experienced affiliate marketer I am not a big fan of PLR. Private Label Right products are basically duplicate content in the eyes of the search engines. Duplicate content means other companies and affiliate marketers are promoting and publishing the same exact content which will not rank in the search engines. Ranking in the Search Engines is a major form of traffic and you simply cannot rank PLR products so you cannot take advantage of the best traffic source on the planet.
  • Too Many Products can cause confusion – Having so many products thrown at you can cause confusion and may result in a lack of focus. Many marketers do not succeed due to a lack of focus which causes them to continuously purchase more of these types of products in attempt to succeed online.

The Niche Marketing Kit Review

The Niche Marketing Kit Review

Many programs like The Niche Marketing Kit promise you will make a huge amount of money in a very short period and then deliver a product that requires you to take one of the many upsells in order to deliver on that promise. This simply is not the case with The Niche Marketing Kit.

Instead, John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson give you quite a bit of value with their core product without you really having to take one of the upsells. On the sales page, they do go into detail about the products you have the opportunity to purchase. Unlike a lot of other programs that leave you hanging without a clue as to what you might get when you make the purchase, The Niche Marketing Kit tells you upfront what you will get.

The thing is, if you are looking to make a good amount of extra money online, this program can point you in the right direction by giving you some actionable items to do in order to learn how to build a sales funnel and build a list. They do deliver as far as providing an education and tools. Also, the bonuses they offer do go beyond what I expected to receive.

The problem, however, is that most of the products are PLR products, which means that you will receive a lot of duplicate content that other marketers are promoting. This, not only increases the competition, but also does not rank well in the search engines if you are looking to build a solid business in my opinion. This type of business requires that you actively seek out traffic to your pages which usually means having to buy traffic such as solo ads. This can be quite expensive.

This program would be a good resource if you have a large marketing list and want to sell the products as an affiliate. In fact, these products are designed for such activity. They even go to the extent of helping you promote other products if you sell a certain amount of products for them. So this product is mainly intended to be used to promote as a JV partner. It is really not intended to help you build a solid income online.

If you are looking to create a full-time solid business online, you may want to consider a different path.


So, What’s Better Than The Niche Marketing Kit?

If you are looking to build a solid business online and build a passive type of income, then affiliate marketing is the path you want to take. This includes creating a solid foundation and rank in the search engines to gain residual traffic so that you do not have to actively obtain traffic and spend money on solo ads and other traffic methods.

My recommendation is to learn and obtain all that is necessary to sell affiliate products and gain residual traffic and create a passive income. You also want to be involved with a community of other marketers who are successful and learn from them as well as have a formal training program.

One place that you can find all of this is my top recommended resource. Once you join for free, you can find a community of marketers who are willing to help you out, plus an in-depth training program and all of the tools and resources you need to generate a full time passive income for years to come.

Not only will you find a great in-depth training program, but you will be exposed to ongoing training by marketers who are already succeeding in affiliate marketing. Plus you will be provided with everything you need without having to purchase other products related to this niche. Plus, you will be involved with a great community of other marketers that you can network with and share ideas.

The Niche Marketing Kit


Product Quality


Legality of Products


Business Opportunity


Training and Resources



  • Not a misleading sales page
  • You Get a lot products
  • They Reward for affiliate sales


  • Quality of products not that great
  • Most of the products are PLR
  • Products are a bit confusing

10 thoughts on “The Niche Marketing Kit Review”

  1. Hiya Ralph

    Thanks for your great article on Niche Marketing Kits. I have seen ads for them before and wondered if they were worth the money and thanks to honest well researched articles like this I can make an informed decision as to whether I will pursue something or not. 

    Although this one sounds better than some out there would you be able to do a direct comparison between two similar Niche Marketing kits? Also could you explain what upsell, downsell and PLR mean? I know you said the letters stand for Private Label Rights but I don’t fully understand what the term actually means😊

    Thank you for helping me learn something I can use in my own business, I look forward to the answers to my questions, krs PurpleLioness 

    • Thanks for visiting my website. To answer your questions, an upsell is when you go through the purchasing process and pay for the product, the website then directs you to a more expensive version of the product or an enhancement that usually costs more than the original offer. Since you already made a purchase you can either decline the upsell and then it leads you directly to a reduced priced version of the upsell. This is what is known as a downsell. If you decline the downsell, it then leads you to your original purchase or if you accept the upsell, it then takes you to a page where you pay for the second product in addition to the first product.

      As far as PLR, This is a product that represents something that someone created that has premade content on it. Since you own the rights, you can use it as your own material. You can do whatever you want with it. You can sell it or give it away as a free gift to entice someone to join your list. Since it has been used before, it is not something that has a lot of value in the eyes of Google. So you cannot try and rank for it in the Search engines, thereby you cannot use it as content. This is why it doesn’t hold much value in my opinion. 

  2. Thanks for sharing this amazing review about The Niche Marketing Kit and your explanation of it.

    A few months ago I was looking for reviews about different platforms I could make money from. I found a lot of information but some of them were false reviews.

    After reading your review I realized that I have no regrets about joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It seems that The Niche Marketing Kit may be a good opportunity to make money if you have a big list or are willing to invest in traffic, but from my point of view I prefer Wealthy Affiliate and the foundational approach you speak of on your blog that the Wealthy Affiliate offers. 

    A few weeks ago, I became a yearly premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am very happy about the decision. The people here are very professional, they help me with any questions I had and the training is awesome. I really appreciate that your number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone who joins this community will see how great it really is. 

    Thanks again for this awesome review. Wish you all the best! 

    • Hi Nimrodngy and thanks for visiting my website. Yes, you are correct, for the people who have a big list or who are willing to spend money on solo ads, may want to promote The Niche Marketing Kit. However, PLR type of products are just not for me and they certainly do not help you build a solid foundation online. You were wise to invest in the yearly premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate. I did the same thing as well. It is really cool not to have monthly fees for the membership and was certainly worth the very small investment. 

  3. Hello Ralph, thank you for sharing your review of the Niche Marketing Kit. This product seems to have some really great value but it seems like it doesn’t contain most of the necessary training needed to succeed online. Plus I am not a big fan of upsells and downsells. However, it is good that they tell you exactly what it is you get for the 20 dollars. 


    • Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the products are many, however the training isn’t as top notch as Wealthy Affiliate and, of course, they cannot match the community of thousands of other marketers willing to help you out. 

  4. Oh, ain’t that the truth – there are so many opportunities on the internet that promise instant success! That is why I am happy I encountered your review of The Niche Marketing Kit. Since I am new in this type of business, the fact that most of their products are PLR products makes me think they are not the right fit for me. I am not prepared to pay for traffic, neither do I have a large marketing list.

    Thanks to you I will be able to make an informative decision!

    • Thanks for the feedback Katja. Yes, PLR products are simply a waste of time and provide no foundation for building an affiliate marketing business the right way. The best thing for an affiliate marketer is to join a great community of others to enhance their training and to actually get the best training available online.

  5. Hello Ralph, thanks for a good review of this niche marketing kit. I’m also  looking for ways to make money online, and I think you may be right about getting into affiliate marketing and having my own website. .

    I do have a couple of questions. Is 50% commission a good number for affiliate marketing? And in the cons you wrote about PLR, what is PLR?

    And another thing, why do you recommend wealthy affiliate? Do they also have an affiliate marketing program?

    • Thanks for stopping by my website. To answer your questions, yes, 50% commissions is a good number for affiliate marketing. Usually that commission level comes from selling digital products. Physical products, like selling Amazon products typically have a lower commission rate, but are very effective if you can rank in Google and generate a lot of free and high quality traffic. This is the nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate, they teach you how to easily do that, and yes, Wealthy Affiliate does have an affiliate marketing program. Plus, they offer close to 50% commission.

      As for your question regarding PLR. PLR stands for Private Labeling Rights. This means you get rights to use someone else’s material and call it your own. There are some inherent problems with PLR and can be summarized as follows:

      1. A lot of this type of material can be found for free on the internet and are offered as free bonuses as a tactic to get someone to join another program as a “carrot”.

      2. Many others are selling the same exact content and calling something different, which devalues the products and they become out dated very quickly.

      3. PLR is duplicate content in the eyes of Google. This means you cannot rank products on the first page of Google, meaning it eliminates you using the best traffic source on the planet, for free.

      4. Using PLR in your marketing campaigns can hurt your business in the long run. 


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