What Is Discover Heal – An Honest Discover Heal Review

As you know, the year 2020 was a terrible year, not only for the country (and the world, for that matter), but for many people individually it was financially devastating. One of the things it has taught many people is that working a full time job and even having a solid career, is not as stable as you may have thought. Recently, Discover Heal created a product called Heal Financially, which is gaining a lot of momentum. I will discuss this particular product within Discover heal later on. But before we do that, let’s answer the question of what is Discover Heal? In this post I want to give you an honest Discover Heal Review.

What is Discover Heal?

Discover Heal is considered a digital online community. The mission or focus is helping others build a better quality life overall. The do this by focusing on aspects of health, wealth, love, happiness, faith, family and fun. Their product line, which is incorporated in their back office is centered around these aspects described above.

Discover Heal is not only an affiliate program in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche, but it is also a program designed to help individuals Heal in a variety of ways. Physically, spiritually, and financially. The company began as Heal LLC in June 2014 by two brothers named Stephen and Paul Munson who “set forth to help Impact, Inspire and transform lives across the world”. The company now offers both Digital and Physical products centered around the idea of increasing one’s own potential. This potential includes all areas of the individual including learning how to become financially free. Their newest product is called “Heal Financially” which was just released in February 2021.

Watch the below mentioned video to get a better understanding of what Discover Heal is all about:

What is The Discover Heal Story

The creation of Discover Heal is described as a “Journey”. According to their website, this journey is laid out in yearly segments of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and then 2019 is described as “The Beginning”. This journey is described as starting with “$1 and a Dream”, and is has been an “Epic Adventure”.

Keep in mind that in 2014 the company was really only a dream at the point. Once the company became a legal entity, Stephen Munson experienced a huge setback which is described in “The Heal Story”. He had one setback after another and ended up being completely homeless. Within Heal, the Journey is revealed as “The Heal Story” in a lot of detail. It is a fascinating story and really shows how the owners grow to the big launch in 2019.

What is Discover Heal 2014

What is Discover Heal 2017

What is Discover Heal - The Beginning

What is really interesting about Discover Heal, is as you go through the program, (I signed up as a Discover Heal VIP), you do get a feel for this journey. You see Stephen Munson is branded as “The World Traveler”. During his travels, he reveals his vision of Heal for you. He has his camera with him and describes each step of the way. I really consider this true transparency.

You don’t see this a lot with other affiliate programs. Many owners are in the background, while the top affiliates do most of the videos and imaging. This is really a breath of fresh air to see a business owner’s passion for the company he has created. It is very obvious as you go through the program how passionate Stephen is about his company and his enthusiasms pours out of him. He is pretty inspiring to listen to and learn from. In the next section let’s explore who is Stephen Munson and learn how he created Heal.

Stephen Munson and Heal

As mentioned early Stephen Munson is one of the two brothers that started Discover Heal. He is branded as being a “World Traveler”. In fact, during one of the affiliate training s, he uses this branding as a way of teaching others how to brand themselves for any business.

Stephen is also known as an expert in branding one’s self using the Facebook Profile. This is one way he was able to brand himself when he was broke in the very beginning. You learn this as you go through the Heal Story mentioned above. Stephen learned how to use his trials in life to better himself in all areas of life and teaches others to do the same.

Watch the video below to learn in detail all about Stephen Munson and Heal. It is quite interesting:

Discover How Heal Can Transform Your Finances Very Quickly
What Is Discover Heal – An Honest Discover Heal Review

Discover Heal Products

As mentioned before, Discover Heal Products are categorized into two groups:

  • Digital Products
  • Physical Products

The digital products include the following:

  • 7 Ways to Win ($7)
  • Bullet Proof System ($9.97)
  • VIP Suitcase Coaching system ($49.97/mo.)
  • Big Profile Profits ($199)
  • IAM 21 day challenge ($399)
  • Business Class ($997)
  • VIP Elite ($249/mo.)
  • VIP Silver ($297)
  • VIP Gold ($1499)

The newest digital product in known as Heal Financially which is currently being tested at three different price points:

  • $9.95
  • $14.95
  • $19.95

These three price points are being tested as a front end product leading to the VIP Suitcase Coaching system at $49.97 per month, which is really their flagship product. What I really like about their approach is that these products are not upsells. The are simply products you can access as you progress within the Heal structure. For example, if you desire to learn about a particular subject, then you can purchase the corresponding product. Details of each of these products can be found within the Heal platform itself. As you move through the system, you can see the value that they offer. Continued education in these areas can be found, but they are not forced on you like other affiliate systems.

Of course if you own these products, you can sell them from your back office and earn great affiliate commissions on each one of them.

For the sake of time, I will not go through each and every digital product. I will, however, focus on their flagship upgrade which is the VIP Monthly priced at $49.97 per month, and what it has to offer. I am actually a member of the program, so I do know the in and outs of it.

I would also like to focus on their newest product, Heal Financially.

Discover Heal VIP Monthly

The Discover Heal VIP Monthly allows you to have access to a couple of different training modules within the system. You get the following:

  • VIP experience
  • Six Steps to Success
  • VIP Coaching Suitcase

The VIP experience is a 7 step process that includes Foundation, Action, Automation, Goal Setting, Your Adviser, Building Your Brand, and Staying focused. Once you go through this training you end up with a fully automated affiliate marketing business in place that includes residual traffic. The do focus on paid traffic and free traffic principles that, I have to admit, these traffic strategies do work. I was able to generate over 80 subscribers to my email list in less than two weeks. This is your personal email list through a third party autoresponder. I was also able to generate a monthly commission within this two-week period earning a total of $38.44. Not bad after just two weeks.

I have been with other programs that are designed to help you build your email marketing list such as Prosperity Marketing System. But, Heal was much more effective in teaching these strategies and helping you build your list building skills in a much more powerful way.

What Is Discover Heal Proof 2


What is Discover Heal Proof 1

Once you have gone through the VIP experience, you are then able to go through the Six steps to success. This is a very detailed affiliate training platform designed to take your business to the next level. I am almost finished with the six steps and so far I have learned quite a bit about how to stay focused on my business and to combine content marketing with email marketing. This has been a great training program so far.

I cannot give too much detail on the VIP Coaching Suitcase only because I haven’t had the time to go through it. This program seems to have a lot of information about mindset and staying physically fit and overall fitness as it applies to mind, body and spirit.

Heal Financially

As mentioned before Heal Financially is the newest digital product offered by Discover Heal. It was released in February of 2021 and has been in the planning stages for quite some time. Also as mentioned before, it is currently being tested as a front end product at the three different price points mentioned above.

One of the things I really like about the company is their constant testing of their traffic sources, videos, and web pages to ensure the affiliates are promoting the highest converting offers. It is apparently working.

So, what exactly is Heal Financial?

Heal Financial is a front end product that shows people how to not only heal financially, but to build and maintain a financial foundation. It consists of video modules covering things like:

  • Beat the Poverty mindset
  • Goal Setting, Vision Board and time blocking techniques
  • Giving, Seeding and contribution
  • Details of how to make more money
  • Traffic for constant cash flow
  • Conversions to capitalize on the traffic
  • Personal Credit and Business Credit
  • Asset allocations and and investments
  • Keys to your legacy

Going through this front end offer will provide the education necessary to “Heal Financially”. The next obvious course from the product is then to upgrade to the VIP monthly so that you can provide yourself with the extra monthly income and have a full time six figure a month business.

The physical products include the following:

  • APCO Immunity Products
  • Heal Tshirts
  • Misti Moments Collection (book)
  • EMF Kit
  • KTC Plus
  • LIV Plus
  • Heal Bamboo Facemasks
  • Liquid Zeolite Plus

The APCO Immunity products consist of plant based supplements designed to boost your immune system. This includes a host of products designed to increase your overall immune system response to lead to a better you.

The Misti Moments collection is a from a writer known as Misti Rains who specializes in spiritual transformation. To get more details watch the video below:

KTC Plus is an Immune supplement for pet, LIV Plus is another alternative to APCO immune products. As you can see Heal is dedicated to healing Mind, body and finances.

Keep in mind, when people purchase these products from the back office, you make affiliate commissions as well. Just like with the digital products.

Can You Make Money With Discover Heal

Yes, I do believe you can make money with Discover Heal. I have been involved with Affiliate Marketing since 2015 and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. This is a good program. Not only that, but after testing Discover Heal, I was able to generate a monthly commission within two weeks. This is my first in doing that. I do work from home now full time, so I am not considered a newbie, however, I generated this income solely based on their training program. I did not send to my list, I only used the traffic that I used from the system. Which is the same that any newbie marketer would use. This was the test I wanted to perform while researching this program.

So I can honestly say that you can make money with Discover Heal, even as a newbie.

The Discover Heal Compensation Plan

This Discover Heal Compensation Plan is a rewards plan. Take a look at the image for the details.

What is Discover Heal - Compensation Plan

Because there are a multitude of products within The Discover Heal Back office, you can make commissions in a variety of ways. You can make an income from selling their physical products as well as their digital affiliate marketing training products. I did purchase the Profile Profits training and am now going through that. It was $199 but I do believe it is worth it. So far it is really good. It shows you step by step how to make a brand for yourself using social media. This training applies to all affiliate marketing programs.

Discover Heal Review and Final Thoughts

During this discover Heal Review I have given you an honest look into The Discover Heal Platform. I based this review on my own experience and tried it from the new marketer perspective. I did not blast my list with this program nor did I use any of my experiences that would be perceived as an advantage. I approached the program using their step by step training platform and experience early success with it. I was able to generate a large amount of leads and my first monthly commission within a two-week period.

I believe these types of results show that the program is a good one and that anyone can earn a good income. I will continue to stay with Discover Heal and update this post accordingly as time goes by. Should you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below and I promise to respond as soon as possible. Thanks, and have a great day.

Discover How Heal Can Transform Your Finances Very Quickly
What Is Discover Heal – An Honest Discover Heal Review

Discover Heal


Affiliate Program


Product Quality







  • Traffic Training is awesome
  • Very Helpful Community
  • Personal Coaching


  • Many products

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  1. It is good to know that we have systems such as this that can help persons to make an income online and like you said that you have tested it and in two weeks’ time you made an income. The proof is in the pie so to speak and what better way to know something works than to give it a try.

  2. Oooooh this looks really promising! Ugh, I don’t know if I can afford another monthly subscription fee… I’m SUPER hoping that I’m gonna be able to get a new job soon and a raise so that I can. But, it looks like you were able to recoup your losses in just a couple of weeks, so I wonder if the risk would be worth it. I recently just hit 50+ posts with my own blog and I’ve got a few product promotion pages all set to go.

    • Hi Christina, sounds like you were in the same boat I was. LOL. was wondering the same thing before I joined Discover Heal and decided to try it out. One of the things that I really like about the Heal Community was making an extra income through email marketing. One of the things that sets Heal apart from many other MMO programs is that they are interested in teaching you “how to make money” in general, rather than just how to make money with their platform. They teach you other ways to “Heal Financially” and not all of their training is centered on promoting their program. They also teach you how to earn revenue from other sources. As a website and blog owner, you may find this a refreshing change from what you are used to with other affiliate programs. 

  3. Cool. Im pretty interested. It’s 1145pm though so I’m going to bed. I have bookmarked your post and will check it out tomorrow. I’m a life coach, personal trainer and martial arts instructor healthy ng is a huge part of what I teach. Even your post is a lot to read so I will re read it in the AM. Thanks for sharing.

    • You are very welcome Graeme. I am glad you enjoyed the post on What is Discover Heal. It was definitely an Honest Discover Heal Review. The company is going through major changes right now for the better. keep an Eye out for future videos regarding this program.

  4. I like the intention of this program. I need to heal financially, but I also need to heal in several other areas of my life. This offers a wholesome experience to live in, sell and help others. The use of coaching and traffic training is what seems attractive to me. I am not so versed on the techy  skills and anything I sign up for must have adequate training. How can this program be applied if you already have a niche and would like to work in that area?

    • Hi JJ, thanks for visiting my site. Yes, Discover Heal can be applied to many other areas in like including healing financially for sure. If you are in another niche already Heal will also benefit you greatly. Especially when it comes to helping you build your own brand. The traffic training itself is awesome and applies to any businesses. 

  5. Interesting review you have given here. How explicit this is in terms of the research it must have taken for you to come up with such a piece as this here with all the details here being intact too. I believe that so much more can be made to focus on this and I will like to participate in this here too. An overview worthy you have given here to us all.Discover Heal (Heal worldwide) is a digital online community focused on helping one another build a better-quality life. They do so by focusing on health, wealth, love, happiness, faith, family, and fun. Heal is all about investing in yourself and learning to become the best version of yourself. With its low upfront costs, there really is nothing to lose. The products you buy have extremely beneficial results. Plus, with all the junk media we consume every day, it’s good to balance the negative out with good, healthy content.

  6. Hi Ralph

    I really enjoyed your post about Discover Heal.  So impressed by Stephen Munson’s energy.

    It sounds super exciting, however, I am a little confused as to whether you would need your own product or service. He says that he will help entrepreneurs reach their potential with their brand?

    You have a great blog loaded with information.

    Thank you

    Best wishes


    • Hi Sheen, yes, I agree Stephen Munson is indeed filled with energy. To answer your question, no you do not need to have your own product or service. You can build your own brand using the opportunity within Heal Financially. This is an awesome program filled with products and services that an affiliate marketing can sell. 

  7. I want an extra side income and want to know how to make money online. I also want to make money on Instagram with 100 followers. I think I should get started with the Facebook profile to become an affiliate of the course.
    As soon as I’m able to get my skills improved with Facebook, I will know how to get paid as an affiliate of the course.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for the feedback. Yes, within the Discover Heal back office there is a product called Profile profits which will teach you step by step how to get started with the Facebook profile and crush it, not only with Facebook but with Instagram as well. Plus, you can do it with only 100 followers. 


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