Prosperity Marketing System Review

In this Prosperity Marketing System Review, I will attempt to give you as much information as I can so that I can help you do your due diligence to make a decision about whether this affiliate program is worth the time, effort and cost to join.

This program has been around a while so you may have seen it advertised on one of the many internet marketing mailers, safelists or traffic exchanges since that is a main platform for this program. I will discuss this in more detail later. This program is also known as The 12 Dollar Funnel, or you may recognize its short name PMS.

Quick Report:

Name: Prosperity Marketing System (AKA, The 12 Dollar Funnel)


Price: 3 memberships available: tour taker, student membership $12/mo., Owner $97 one time

Owner: Darren Olander

Products and/or Services: 98 out of 100

Training: 95 out of 100

Support: 90 out of 100

Overall Rank:  94 out of 100

Although, we believe that PMS is a good program, due to the amount of work involved with advertising in Traffic Exchanges, Safelists and Mailers, we feel there are much easier and effective ways to make a passive income online.

Prosperity Marketing System, Product Overview

The Prosperity Marketing System, PMS for short, is really a downline building program that allows the owner to promote whatever primary business they want to, in addition to earning a 100 percent front end commission for the system itself.

There are three levels of membership:

  • The Tour taker – is free and allows you to check out the system and use a splash page builder to create landing pages. The tour taker has very limited access and has no access to any actual training.
  • Student – A student can start with a 7-day trial and while in the trial can try to earn 100 percent commissions on new sign ups. They have complete access to the training, can integrate any autoresponder, integrate a tracker, customize (add or remove) 15 affiliate programs, and use the same primary business as their sponsor. Once the 7-day trial is over, it is then $12 a month.
  • Owner – This is a unique membership level. It is very similar to owning your own script. An owner has full control over editing any training page within the system and can totally add their own content. They can change the primary business page from their sponsors page to their own primary business (any company they want). This option is a one time fee of $97.

Pros and Cons

Even at the student level, there is a lot of customization options available within the Prosperity Marketing System. It is the heart of the benefits in my opinion. Having owned my own lead generation website and understanding how a website script works and how expensive they are, I am amazed how flexible this system really is. Especially at the owner level.

For under $100 you can get a fully customizable business. You can add or delete any of the programs within the script itself. You can even customize your capture pages and call it what ever business name you want. Plus, you can customize your own training program within the system. Create your own training videos and use any autoresponder system you want.


Pro 1: As an owner, you have a fully customizable business system. At the student level, you can customize up to 15 programs.

Pro 2: The Training in the system is pretty good. Especially if you are into using mailers and traffic exchanges.

Pro 3: The owner is very knowledgeable and available for questions and always seems to respond.


Con 1: Beginners usually do not see the advantages of a customizable system. This is really more of an advanced feature and benefit.

Con 2: There are a lot of programs to sign up for. This can be confusing for someone just starting out with internet marketing.

Con 3: There is a big learning curve to successfully use mailers and traffic exchanges. The only other marketing option is solo ads and they can be quite expensive. But, overall the training is a bit weak.

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The Prosperity Marketing System, Products and Services

There are 5 main sections within the back office of PMS:

  • Training Courses
  • Income Builders
  • Personal Branding
  • Affiliate Center
  • Customize

We will cover Training Courses in the training section below.

Income Builders

This section covers the primary business, which, unless you are an owner, you will be directed to join your sponsors primary business. Of course, you don’t have to, if one of your prospects joins within the system and you don’t sign up for it, the referral commission will then go to your sponsor instead of you.

If you are an owner, then you can add your current primary business or any other affiliate program for that matter.

This section also covers the autoresponder. This, by default is GetResponse, which you can also be an affiliate for. If you choose not to use GetResponse as the autoresponder (you can choose another one in another section), you can still be an affiliate for GetResponse since it is free to be an affiliate. You can earn additional affiliate commissions when your prospects join under you.
GetResponse starts at $15 per month if you use the responder to build your own list, otherwise you will not be able to build an email list of your own. This is an added cost.

The list building training within PMS is pretty good, however, the list building skills taught in Discover Heal go to a much higher level.

The Ad Tracker is covered in this section as well, and by default you are directed to an ad tracking company known as with is a tracking service that tracks your capture page clicks as well as your op tins. You can track where all of your traffic is coming from and which one are generating op tins for you. This service also has a fee associated with it and it is $9.95 a month. You also can earn commissions from this service as well if your prospects join under you.

Another income builder in this section is known as the Advertising Coop. The advertising coop that is used is called Viral Traffic Coop, which is “an advertising cooperative that pools together member’s advertising funds in order to buy bulk traffic at huge discounts. This is a big win-win for everyone, in your case you can get great traffic at a dirt cheap price without lifting your finger”!

The Viral Traffic Coop is owned by Darren Olander as well as many of the viral mailers and safelists. He owns 10 different websites I believe.

The rest of the income builders in this section consist of list builders (safelists) and traffic exchanges, most of which are owned by Darren Olander. This whole system is built around the use of mailers and traffic exchanges.

Who is The Prosperity Marketing System For?

In my opinion the Prosperity Marketing System is for the marketer who likes and is very familiar with using mailers, safelists and traffic exchanges as their primary source of traffic. It has been my experience that there is whole network of internet marketers that are into these types of traffic generating programs.

They mostly consist of owners of these types of programs and their followers.

I honestly do not think this is the system for the beginning internet marketer who is primarily interested in simply making money on the internet. There are better ways of making money on the internet then spending hours a day reading emails and surfing traffic exchanges.

Prosperity Marketing System Training

Training Courses


The training courses consist of the essentials, Prosperity Marketing, Traffic Generation and Solo Ads.

The essentials consist of computer basics and internet marketing basics.

The computer basics include the following:

  • How to Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Easy file management
  • How to download files from the internet
  • How to change your browser homepage
  • How to use favorites and bookmarks

The internet marketing basics are simply a brief explanation of “what is internet marketing and why is it so awesome”.

Very brief training in this section.

Prosperity Marketing

This section of the training is a description of the fact that PMS is an affiliate program and a marketing system. It provides you with a few capture pages to promote what is known as the “$12 funnel” and how you can earn $12 per month for each affiliate member you bring into the business. In addition to this, you can earn commission by promoting a variety of other programs known as downline builders. It then goes on to explain how PMS is the ultimate downline builder itself.

This Segways into a video training on an introduction to down-line builders. You can watch the video below for details:

The training then goes into traffic generation which is a fairly extensive training on how to dominate viral list builders and safe-lists.

You can get an idea of how this training works by watching the video below:

Once you are familiar with viral mailers and safelists, the training goes into how to effectively use traffic exchanges, and lists 6 traffic exchanges that the owner suggests using. He also suggests spending about 20 to 30 minutes a day surfing these traffic exchanges.

The training then goes on to say you should try solo ads. There is no real formal training here, just a link to a solo ad exchange known as Udimi solo ads.

My Final Thoughts The Prosperity Marketing System

This system would be ideal for…

I do believe if you are an experienced top Network marketer and you have a primary business and you are interested in having your team use a good system, then I would highly recommend the Prosperity Marketing System for that purpose.

The reason I say that is that, you can upgrade as an owner, fully customize the system to use any traffic method, training program or even customize your capture page under the name of your particular team. This would be an ideal program for that purpose.

Many top Network Marketers use customized systems for a large team and spend a lot of many for those types of programs. PMS would essentially do the same thing. It is fully customizable and, in my opinion, should primarily be used for that purpose.


Prosperity Marketing System Review_ Legit


Prosperity Marketing System

12.00 per month

Product and/or services







  • Customizable system
  • Training is good
  • Great Owner


  • More for intermediate and advanced marketers
  • A lot of programs to sign up for
  • Big Learning Curve

24 thoughts on “Prosperity Marketing System Review”

  1. Thanks for sharing a very detailed review well done. The Prosperity Marketing System is one of the best business opportunities for a new or season affiliate.

    What you fail to mention is that the Prosperity Marketing System is one of the few programs online that allows you to fully customize your own sales funnel and Personally Brand yourself.

    With that being said marketers like myself who are a part of the Prosperity Marketing System have Exclusive Training Techniques and Strategies available to my team members.

    No need to spend time “using mailers, safelists and traffic exchanges as their primary source of traffic” These are marketing strategies for people starting out on a budget.

    • thanks for the feedback Jessica! Yes, I definitely agree, the fully customized feature within The Prosperity Marketing System is a very cool feature as well. It does allow the more experienced marketer to utilize this feature to build their own system. I do truly love this feature and it does allow you to promote your primary business more effectively.

  2. Thanks for the detailed information. It appears to be legit and workable for the experienced. Based upon the explanation of the system, I feel this would not be a ” good fit” for me because I am a newbie and need a more “newbie friendly” system. Wealthy Affiliate appears to be more appropriate for my limited experience.

  3. Wow!
    Thanks for this mind blowing review about PMS. I have been into affiliate and network marketing for sometime now but haven’t made any fortune out of it because of lack of the right marketing tools.
    I think I will give the 7days trial a short and see if it’s something I can handle.
    Thank you so much for this awesome review

  4. Thank you for the detailed review. After reading this article you get a complete picture of how the system works and whether or not it’s for you. I like the way you address each aspect of the program giving your rationale of its complexities. For me as a newbie, it would be too complex for me. I like that you give the pros and cons of the program giving us an objective view on whether it’s a good fit for our needs. I have tried a variety of programs which did not live up to their claims. So far WA is the best that I have seen.

  5. Wow! I’m going to say I might be too much of a newbie to apply this type of marketing strategy. I’m still trying to figure out the basics for website building and affiliate marketing. I also don’t have a service I want to advertise just yet. It just seems very complicated for a beginner like me. I’ll keep it in mind for the future when I’m advancing more. Thanks so much for the article, it definitely was helpful in knowing I’m not ready for that yet! 

  6. Hi; The Prosperity Marketing System is new to me. I have never heard about it before. However, from your description of the System,  One can give it a try. 

    There are three levels where one can choose from as there are times when the start-up capital is an issue. However, given the opportunity where one can begin with as little as $12.00 per month, Nothing beats a failure than a trial.

    Will there be a product to market in this system?


    • Hi Dorcas, thanks for visiting my site. Yes, the product to market with Prosperity Marketing System is the marketing system itself. It also allows you to promote another primary business along with it. It is certainly worth the $12 a month. Plus you do get a lot of free advertising along with the system. 

  7. This is one of the most comprehensive websites on affiliate marketing that I have ever seen.  I appreciate your objective deep-dive into the industry.  If I had the opportunity to read this several years ago, I could have saved myself a lot of time and money.  It’s pretty sad how many people are taken advantage of everyday with promises of making thousands of dollars from scratch in days.  To be educated on what to expect and the effort involved will go a long way in preventing many of these scams.  I will be checking in from time to time as I begin my affiliate marketing journey.

    • Thank you for the kind words Cedric. Yes, it is pretty sad how many people are taken advantage of with these types of promises. We need to do our due diligence any time we are exploring new opportunities. 

  8. Thanks for this prosperity marketing system review. I’d commend you for the simplification of the benefits attached to this marketing and also the fact that it has a 7day free trial to checkout if its something that I can thrive in before making payment for subscription. Honestly, despite the simplicity and detailed review from you, I still find it very hard to comprehend as a rookie. I will add it to my potential list but I will stick to my trainings for now on WA. Hopefully soon, I can move up the ranks to make use of this system.


    • Thanks for the feedback RoDarrick! Yes, the Prosperity Marketing System is a pretty cools system, but I do recommend sticking with your training at WA. It allows you to build upon a great foundation. 

  9. I like the fact that you can start out with PMS for free, even though you don’t get very much that way. At least it gives you the chance to see if it’s something you can really use and offers a clearer picture of what you get for the paid memberships. As far as it being confusing, that’s kind of a bummer. For those of us who have some affiliate marketing experience, it’s probably not so bad. But that’s got to be rough for someone new who will need results right away to maintain their interest. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Mark for your feedback.  Yes, I think the customization features that can be done through The Prosperity Marketing System are really the best features. And this type of customization appeals more to the experienced affiliates. It’s certainly more cost effective than purchasing your own script. 

  10. Thanks for this detailed and thorough review on Prosperity Marketing System. I’ve never heard of mailers, safelist and traffic exchanges. But it seems like something interesting that could be worth checking them out.

    Personally, I’m involved in affiliate marketing and network marketing at the same time. It’s so good to know there are tools like this which can help network marketers to grow their business online. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback Jerry! Yes, mailers, safelists and traffic exchanges are a completely different approach. It is also a list building approach that many marketers use. In fact, another name for mailers are list-builders. There is a whole community that is centered around these programs. It does require a lot of work though. That work may better be spent building a foundational income by building content on your own website. I see you have a great website yourself. Thanks again for the feedback.

  11. Thank you for this review! I think you did a great job of explaining the benefits of Prosperity Marketing. I like that it has a free option to join, just so someone can get an idea if it is the right program for them. I appreciate your honesty in saying that it might be a bit confusing for newbies!

    • Thanks for the feedback Melissa! Yes, the free option is nice to try out and you are right, it is a bit confusing for newbies.

  12. Hi! Thanks for this comprehensive review but i must say this program seems a little bit confusing for beginners like me and will take awhile to catchup with. I rather stick to Wealthy Affiliate where i am being taught from the simplest method upwards, their lessons are easier to comprehend.

    • Thanks for the feedback Queen. Yes, I certainly agree with your assessment. It is a bit confusing, especially for beginners. Wealthy affiliate offers so much more in the way of focus and clarity. Thanks again.


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