How To Make Money Online Fast and For Free

This is the exact phrase I put into Google back in 2009: How to Make Money Online Fast and For Free.


I will not go into all the details as to why I did this in 2009, but let’s just say, I was a victim of the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

You may be someone who can relate to this. I lost a career job of 18 years only because the company I worked for at the time was purchased by a bigger company and had a whole department doing what I was doing.

They said, “don’t take it personally, we just don’t need you anymore”.

Another thing I did, was I emailed to my sponsor of a network marketing company I was with at the time and explained to him that I really needed to “learn this stuff quick so I can start making money online fast. And, oh by the way, I need it to be free”. I got a long email back from him, that hurt my pride a bit.

Over time, I got back on my feet, but this perspective cost me more than just my pride.

You see, the longer I spent looking for a fast and free way to earn money online the longer it took me to go, well, no-where where fast.

Can you relate to this?


Have you found yourself looking for the same thing?


Looking for the Fast and Free Way to Make Money Online Was Costing Me Time and Money

How To Make Money Online Fast and For Free_perspectiveOne of the reasons this perspective cost me more than my pride was the fact that I continued to look for the easy and fast way to earn an income online and didn’t even realize the damage it was doing.

You see, every time I received good advice from people who were actually making money, I didn’t listen because I didn’t want to hear what the had to say. Things like:

  • List building
  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Building websites
  • Building authority in a niche

You see I ignored all the techniques and avenues that you need to take to make this dream a reality. Perhaps you know what I mean.

I heard things like,

  • you can reach financial freedom,
  • spend time with your friends and family,
  • Work with your pajama’s on
  • Have a 12 second commute

If you have spent any time at all researching these types of programs on the internet you know what I mean. Let’s face it, these things are very appealing. Right?

But the thing is, I wasted a huge amount of time and money chasing the easy and free ways. I ultimately learned that if I had just listened to the REAL experts and not the scammers, I would have already been financially free and traveling the world with my family and not worrying about whether I got laid off or not.

Seriously folks, I can tell you from experience, there is only one way to really earn money online.


And that is these two main things:

  1. Learn the skills necessary
  2. WORK on these skills until your successful

Before you know it, you are on the road to success.

Going No-where Where Fast

How To Make Money Online Fast and For Free



The reason I was going no-where where fast was because I was approaching the whole thing in desperation. Even after I got back on my feet and wasn’t quite as desperate as I was, I still chased the next “shiny object”.

You know what I mean, the next advertisement that said, I can make money online without a website, or without spending any monthly expenses and you can learn all about how to do this by just paying such-and-such an amount. Go ahead and put in on your credit card. Don’t’t worry, you will be making way more than you will spend.

Have you heard this before?

Have you been there.

Oh and just recently with the crypto currency world. Just sign up hear and you will get massive amounts of “passive income”. No-where recruiting and no-where work involved.

Yes, I have heard it all my friends.


But the thing is, while wasting my time purchasing course after course and one promise after another, I kind of knew what it actually took to be successful at this online stuff. Hard work, dedication, consistency and having a community point you in the right direction.

You see, I was learning just enough to realize I wasn’t going to find the quick way to success. I joined an awesome community of online marketers, started doing what was necessary, but then again it happened. Yep, you guessed it, I was swept away with the next “shiny object”. Again, I was a victim of the “shiny object syndrome”.

The internet is so full of hype and making money at home scams that it is a crying shame to an industry that has so much potential. We are living in an age where we can make our own successful business without any special education or high investment and the scammers are making it more difficult by luring us into the wrong direction with distraction. And, the only ones who really make money with these shiny objects are the scammers who own them.

Finally, I Started To Put This Online Marketing Thing Into Perspective

How To Make Money Online Fast and For Free

So, after many wasted years of trying to do online marketing the quick and easy way, I decided to think about an article I read from a top earner in the industry.

He was well respected and the co-owner of a great online university where many other real people (like you and me) were ACTUALLY making full time incomes on the internet.

You can read the full article hear.

My perspective really changed after I decided to really digest what he was saying. For example,

We spend 40 hours a week at our jobs and, if we do a great job, we expect we will get recognized with a pay raise, or even a promotion of some sort.

If we are really lucky, the company will reward its employees with a yearly bonus or a retirement investment option or something like that.

These are standard expectations for the offline world. But when it comes to the online world, we have different expectations. We expect that we can make money online fast and free. Not only that, but then we expect it to not require a lot of work.

Can we make money online fast and free?

Well, depending on your definition of fast, the short answer is YES we can. However, it does require work. I am not saying it requires difficult to learn or do work, but work and dedication at bare minimum. To expect otherwise would be foolish. So, in a nut shell, I was being foolish.

So, the question becomes, what is the definition of fast?

Since we know you can earn an online income for free, what is your perspective or definition of doing it fast?

Let’s say you invest 3 hours per week into your business. This is a reasonable amount of time in the online world and I know from experience that there are people putting in that amount of time, and are making a good income on the internet. The problem is the expectations of this far exceed that of those that invest 40 hours into a day job per week. So, can one make a consistent full time income at this rate say in three months?

The reality is that 3 hours per week can lead to a consistent and full time income with time, but after 3 months, that is really only 36 total hours you have invested in your business. Why would your expectations be a full time income at that point, or even any consistent income for that matter (unless it was illegal or unethical)?

Putting things into perspective, investing 36 hours into your business is just getting the basic foundation in place. That is why after 3-4 months people will typically not be generating a huge income, they have invested less than a full working week into their business.

Now imagine putting in more hours per week into your business. You will get their faster, of course, but you may have a full time job already. So, you need to average the time out to what is reasonable to you. But, your expectations should be based on a well-thought-out plan of action.

That is really the key. A well-thought-out plan of action with consistent activities to do each day based upon your schedule. So, the definition of fast is based upon the time and effort you put into it. I know people don’t like to hear that, but take it from me. You will waste your time and money if you try and take shortcuts. Most people will find that if they had the correct perspective to begin with, they would be where they want to be much, much quicker.

Conclusion and What To Expect

In my opinion, based on my personal experiences along with other 6 and 7 figure earners, one can easily start earning a decent income online after about a year of putting in the effort. You will need a good online education and the proper mentoring.

After about three years, you can be financially independent and have the time freedom to do with as you please. This is certainly possible and you can start for free.

Simply click on the image below to find out how.

How To Make Money Online Fast and For Free









10 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online Fast and For Free”

  1. I agree with 100% of what your saying here.

    I think over time people have been conditioned to believe that they can make money online fast with little work.

    When in reality it is just like building any real business. It takes time and consistent effort.

    Thanks for bringing your experience to light and helping us understand the reality of making fast money.

    • Thanks Chris for your kind words. Yes, it takes time and CONSISTENT effort. I think consistency is the most important aspect. This requires realizing that it can be done. Knowing you will reap the fruit of your labor. This is what I really like about the training at Wealthy Affiliate, is knowing that when you apply what you learn you will succeed.

  2. Hi there i just visited your affiliate money making website and what i saw and read looks really. You have lots ot good tips on making word press websites and how to monetize them. i also like how you have videos on some your categories. With the resources you have to share and the marketing tools and tips i think your site will do really well. Hope your making money with it and keep up the good work..The site is very well done.

  3. You really had me going over the Title of your post. I thought to myself, “Must be another get rich scheme to review!” Anyways, your post was intriguing and an honest approach to how not to fall for get rich Schemes.
    There should be an Internet Police that checks these less than honorable proposals out and closes them down!!
    Too much heartache with these and it seems even more get rich schemes pop up every day.

    • Thanks Jeff, yes I agree we need a stricter police system for these types of scams. There is actually one “police” system in place and that is the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). They do close down and/or investigate some of these company’s. For example Digital Altitude was just put under investigation by the FTC. I am not sure of all of the details, but one thing is for sure. The company’s that end up under investigation have a common theme among them, and that is the matrix pay structure that you see all over the internet. Back a few years ago, we saw another company that was shut down that I saw Kyle review once called Zeek Rewards. It was also shut down as a defined “Ponzi” scheme. One thing I learned from this case was the true definition of a “ponzi scheme” which is highly overused. Most people don’t really know what the true definition is, but they can research it from the SEC themselves. Hmmm, sounds like the theme of a good blog post. LOL. Again, the theme for Zeek Rewards was the matrix pay plan that it used.

      You see, you have to have a legit product to sell and it should be sold on its own right and not be totally dependent upon a matrix payment structure. Any program that is reliant upon this type of structure is a target for an investigation by the SEC or FTC. This is what I love about Wealthy Affiliate. There is a definite product that sells on its own value and it is not reliant upon a matrix payment structure. In fact many successful Wealthy Affiliate members are making great incomes based on selling physical products from Amazon and other affiliate programs. Thanks again for your feedback. 

  4. I totally understand your point of view and your journey with the online scammers and shiny objects.

    It is such a shame they exist because it does put so many people off from building an ethical online business.

    I am currently looking for an online training program for new bloggers and website owners. Something I can promote with pride.
    Can you tell me how much your free recommendation will actually cost? We all know nothing comes for free !

    • Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by my post. My recommendation is to go through the Online Entreprenuer Certification program at Wealthy Affiliate. It actually is completely free. You don’t even need a credit card. The first phase of the program is completely free and it includes 10 lessons that take you all the way from building a website to laying the foundation to owning a profable niche website. In fact, in addition to the training, for $0, you get two free websites with hosting and you can actually be a free member for as long as you like. Once you go through the first phase of the course and you decide you want to go further into the University type of training, you can become a premium member for only $49 a month. The training available at the Wealthy Affiliate University is just as robust as training programs I have paid thousands for elsewhere when I was chasing those shiny objects. 

  5. Thank you for this post. You have put things in proper perspective for me. In the past, I’ve been one of those who fell for the “Get rich quick” line, hook, line, and sinker as they say. I’ve learned that getting rich without working for it isn’t reality. It doesn’t happen to anybody except those few who luck out and win the lottery. It’s taken me a while, but I’m learning that a business is a business, online or not. And, businesses take work to make them successful. You may be able to do it for free, but you have to trade work and time for money in that case.

    • So very true indeed Grant. I totally agree with you and thanks for the feedback. You definitely have to trade work for time, but it is certainly worth it in the end.


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