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I have been involved with the direct sales and MLM industry for a very long time now and this one seems to be unique in how it operates. In this IDLife review I would like to discuss one of the unique attributes of IDLife and decide whether this is a good company to invest your time and money in. Network marketing and MLM companies seem very attractive these days to people who want to earn extra money or have a more flexible lifestyle.

Many people are looking for a way to either replace the income they make from their full time job, or supplement their income to help make life a little easier.

Let’s take a look and see if IDLife can be the business opportunity that you have always wanted to pursue or, if not, explore a better business opportunity that will help you meet your financial goals.

What is IDLife?IDLife Review - Logo

IDLife considers itself an approach to healthy living. It is embarking on one of the newer trends in the health and wellness industry. IDLife is build around the MLM business model and produces and sells organic nutritional supplements. Of course, so do many other companies, such as Herbalife. But, IDLife adds something unique to the industry and you won’t find it in other companies that simply sell vitamins and supplements.

You See IDLife utilizes something called IDNutrition


What is IDNutrition you ask? IDNutrition is a customized nutritional supplement program. How this works is IDLife collects the individuals medical history such as medications, eating habits, drinking habits and genetic information. Once they get all of this information, they make an assessment, which is then backed by more than 7000 third party, peer-reviewed clinical studies.

This way, the customer only takes the products that are uniquely suited to them. This is a unique attribute that the company has developed. In a very competitive market, it may be necessary for something this unique to survive the competition. The ultimate results is a program specifically designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

IDLife Review - DNA

Company Origins

IDLife was founded by CEO Logan Stout in 2014 and the headquarters is located in Frisco TX. The company specializes in nutritional and weight management. Although the company itself is fairly new, the IDNutrition program has been in existence for over 17 years by a group of nutritionists, doctors and other research scientists.

There has also been notable figures that have endorsed the company, including Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer Troy Aikman and Larry North, the celebrity fitness expert. Even-though the company is not that old, it has about 58 employees and over 10,000 associates.

IDLife Product Review – What Does IDLife Sell?

IDLife essentially sells supplements that enhance weight management, nutrition, bodybuilding, sleep, energy, and overall health and well-being products. They don’t add additives or unnecessary fillers and are free of soy, GMOs, gluten and other hormones.

IDLife has 11 different categories of products, all containing natural ingredients and many containing all organic ingredients. As mentioned before, the products are backed by clinical studies, but they are also FDA approved. This is a big plus in this particular industry.

IDLife Review - Products

The 11 different product categories include the following:

  • IDNutrition – As mentioned before this product line is a complete overall health and wellness package or, more accurately described, program that is totally customized to each individual customer.
  • IDLife Experience -This is a three step product plan designed to help you lose weight, have more energy and overall well-being. You are offered specific products that help you create a healthier lifestyle.
  • IDLife Slim – This is a supplement that is all about weight management. It helps with the control of hunger and cravings in addition to providing energy and focus.
  • IDLife Shakes – This product line includes protein shakes as a source of Omega 3 fatty acids in addition to needed fiber. These are intended to stimulate metabolic functions and help with lean muscle development. They also help curb your appetite.
  • IDLife Energy – As is sounds, this supplement provides energy as a safe pick-me-up solution without the crash effect that other energy supplements have. These are available in an energy drink as well as chews. The energy drink is only 10 calories, while the chews are 15 calories. Both provide a natural source of energy.
  • IDLife Hydrate – This product line is all about delivering vital electrolytes, minerals, antioxidants and other vitamins that support cardiovascular health while promoting the body’s muscular and nervous system the nutrition that they need.
  • IDLife Workout – This product line provides pre and post workout shakes. They are meant to provide the nutrition that your body needs before and after a good workout.
  • IDLife Sleep Strips – This is an awesome product and will help you fall asleep easily without habit-forming ingredients, while allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. They contain Melatonin, 5HTP, and L-Theanine.
  • IDLife Weight Management – This is a very popular system that includes appetite control chews that help you fight hunger and boost your metabolism. Plus, aid in building and protecting lean muscle mass and decrease sugar cravings. You can see why they would be so popular.
  • IDLife Kids – This line of products provides your kids the nutrition they need and includes shakes, and a product called Hydrate. These products are intended to fill in the gaps to their nutritional needs.
  • IDLife Skin Care – This line of products is a dermatologically approved skincare line which is hypoallergenic. They include a cleanser, serum, and day and night creams.

The above mentioned product categories are the company’s top sellers. There are other edibles, such as nutrition bars as well as others.

The IDLife Opportunity

The opportunity that IDLife has to offer its independent distributors includes 10 different ways to generate an income within 4 different categories. This allows them to get paid, monthly, weekly, the ability to earn free merchandise and receive certain lifestyle benefits.

Paid distributors can receive a discount on all purchases of 10% for themselves as well as for their family members. They can also earn a 10% commission on direct retail sales plus receive a $200 bonus for every 9 customers they generate.

IDLife also offers a “3 and Free” program where you can earn product for Free by placing your IDNutrition on an auto ship program or scheduled delivery and accumulating a minimum of 300 TQV from three or more customers that are on a scheduled delivery program.

These retail profits and business builder type of bonuses are paid weekly, while other types of bonuses are paid monthly. IDLife also offers a rank achievement bonus and a car bonus. This gives the distributor the opportunity to make a name for themselves for branding purposes, which is a big part of the MLM business model.

The IDLife MLM opportunity is one that focuses on both retail sales and recruiting unlike other MLM companies that tend to focus on just the recruiting angle. Companies that typically focus on the recruiting aspect, tend to increase their prices to compensate for the surge in the recruitment aspect. An example of this can be seen in my Jeunesse MLM Review.

I have been in the Direct Sales industry a very long time and I can tell you the MLM business model is a very difficult way to make an income unless you are familiar with the industry and know how to succeed with Network Marketing. Especially if you are looking for a solid passive income. Believe me, there are easier ways to earn an awesome income online

See How I Earn An Online Income Using My Simple 4 Step Formula
IDLife Review

How Much Does It Cost To Join IDLife?

There are essentially two ways to get started as business owner with IDLife. The first way is to purchase an Associate Enrollment Kit for $199.99. You do get products with this kit so the initial price really isn’t as high as it might seem at first.

The second way to get started is to purchase the Associate Enrollment Kit with the DNA testing kit for a total of $299.99

These two options are the faster ways to earn an income. There is also an option to get started through what is known as a Virtual Starter Kit. This is actually a free way to get started. It is a slower approach, however. It provides three downloadable documents that guide you along with one month’s access to IDLife’s Pro Website Bundle. You will need to sell two of the kits mentioned above or get $500 in personal sales. Once this is accomplished, you enter the rank of an Independent Associate.

So, basically, until you hit this rank, you will not be earning much money at all.

Can You Make Money With IDLife?

Although IDLife has made a name for itself and has been featured with Direct Selling News , it is still a relatively young company with a huge amount of competition. They are competing with companies like Herbalife and others who have been around for a very long time.

You know, I have had a lot of experience in the direct sales industry including Network Marketing, MLM and affiliate marketing and I can tell you that there are easier ways to make a passive income on the internet without having to build a downline or sell products that can be purchased just about anywhere online of offline.

I have had some success with one of IDLife’s competitors (Herbalife), but it was a lot of hard work. You have to constantly sell retail products and build a large team to make any decent amount of money. Not to mention the fact that many of the people on your team will quit and you will have to continually build and build and build.

There is an easier way!

Pros and Cons of IDLife


  • The Products are FDA approved
  • The Products are backed scientifically
  • They have a good product line with decent prices


  • The company is relatively young
  • They have a lot of competition that has been in the industry a very long time
  • The MLM structure is difficult to make a passive income with.
  • There are easier ways to make a passive income online

Final Thoughts

One of the hardest aspects of trying to make a consistent income with the MLM business model is that many distributors feel under pressure to succeed. They end up looking and sounding desperate as they try and promote to their family, neighbors, Facebook friends to purchase products and then to join them in the business. The end result is often making a few bucks here and there.

I personally have made high rankings in several MLM types of companies only to find I ended up working way to hard and often times spent more money trying to make money. It was an endless push. I realized after years of this madness that there is a much easier way to make money on the internet, and that is affiliate marketing.

If you are truly interested in what the internet has to offer in the money making industry, the easiest and most lucrative way is to own your own online business. That way, you get to choose what you want to promote as apposed to having someone else set the rules for you. If this sounds better to you, learn how to run your own online business for free. Check out the best option below.

10 thoughts on “IDLife Review”

  1. This is wonderful information, thank you for sharing it!  I am a wellness advocate, so anything to do with helping others live a healthier life is something I am most definitely interested in.  I was unable to find a link to the IDlife website so I could browse through the products you have mentioned.  Do you have a link to share? I am most interested in the weight lose and skin care products.

    • Hi Maria, you are certainly welcome. If you want to take a look at IDLife in more detail you can go to . This is not an affiliate link since I am not a current member. But you can sign up from the main website. Since you are a wellness advocate, and are mostly interested n weight loss and skin care, you may want to read my Now Lifestyle review. They have an excellent program and have a very good reputation and are backed by a great company that has been in business for over 15 years now. Take a look, you may find it interesting. In my IDLife review I mention that there are a lot of other companies in this market and Now Lifestyle is one of them. Thanks again for stopping by my website. 

  2. Another health product joining the already overcrowded supplement market. This seems like a fairly new concept though. I’ve heard of a similar company based in the UK that produces customized supplements. While I do buy the idea, I am not sure how the concept will pan out over the years. As you said, it’s a relatively young company and it may take a while to make a business profitable. Plus, we’re talking about a very novel product here. You need to back yourself with a lot of scientific knowledge in order to sell the product well.

    • Hi Cathy, yes you are correct, this is somewhat of a saturated market, especially for an MLM type of company. For someone who wants to enter this market, I believe learning how to sell affiliate products online would be a  more effective marketing strategy. This way you can focus on the products you are interested in and provide good solid information on those products. Plus, it gives you more of a competitive advantage since you can choose your own products and information to write about. 

  3. I appreciate the type and quality of products IDLife offers. They are all less intrusive and natural products that promote health and well being. But I’m a little hesitant for a few reasons, first is that it is not exactly a passive source of income, Also, the company is relatively new in an industry with a number of larger competitors. I would be definitely interested in purchasing one of the IDLife products myself though!

    • Thanks for your feedback Padma. Yes, I agree, although IDLife and other MLM companies like what you can read about in my Jeunesse MLM Reivew, are popular right now, the affiliate marketing strategy is far more conducive to someone who is interested in building a passive income online. 

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. I have been working at ID life MLM Company for over a year. I have a huge team of MLM companies that have good quality products that I have used myself and I have asked my family and friends to use them and they have said that these products are very good. There are eleven different product categories in this product that I like very much. I love selling these products and I earn it from here and I have succeeded in building a team and earning commissions from here. I think other people like me working at ID’s live MLM company can change their lives and they Be successful. Thank you again for the post.

    • Hey that’s awesome Md! It’s nice to get feedback from someone who is in the business. I am glad to see that it is working for you. It sounds like you have a good strategy for getting people to try the products as well as the business itself. One thing that really helped me with several MLM company’s that I was in was creating a blog and writing content about the products and the opporutnity. It is a great way to get traffic and then promote your products as well. Thanks again for reading my IDLife Review. 

  5. Hi! One of the things I like about IDLife is that it’s FDA approved. But concerning it’s potential as a good source of income, I’m not very impressed. You have had good experience with other MLMs, but I haven’t, so every time I discover a company has a MLM structure, it kinda turns me away. Sorry for sharing my personal experience. Thanks for helping me decide after reading your review.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for your feedback, I certainly welcome it. Yes, I have learned from the past, that if a company has an MLM structure to it, you will most likely find something better if you search within the affiliate marketing realm. For example, if you are truly interested in promoting supplements and/or fitness products, you will do much better creating your own online business and promote through affiliate networks. They are much easier to work with and you don’t have to experience all of the pressure associated with an MLM. That is why in this IDLife Review I mention how difficult the MLM business model really is. 


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